What does a diffusion pump do?

What does a diffusion pump do?

The diffusion pump is known as a fluid entrainment pump and works in a completely different manner. The diffusion pump uses the vapor of a boiling fluid to capture air molecules. The fluid is then moved to another location and cooled. The cooling forces the air molecules to be released.

How do you clean a diffusion pump?

For diffusion pumps using hydrocarbon based oils, you should dismantle the pump and clean it with a solvent as there will be residue that clog the pressure jets within the diffusion pump. Afterwards, rinse with alcohol and de-ionized water to remove the solvent.

What is the function of water cooled baffle?

Using a water cooled or ambient baffle between a diffusion pump and a refrigerated cold trap or refrigerated baffle lowers heat radiation thus reducing the consumption of the refrigerant.

What is the operating range of diffusion pump?

Unlike turbomolecular pumps and cryopumps, diffusion pumps have no moving parts and as a result are quite durable and reliable. They can function over pressure ranges of 10−10 to 10−2 mbar.

What is the difference between rotary pump and diffusion pump?

A diffusion pump, for example, uses oil vapor flow as the pumping mechanism while a rotary vane pump uses oil to lubricate and seal sliding joints between vanes and casing. So, in any wet pump, oil liquid and vapor coexist in the pumps vacuum volume.

What precautions are necessary in a vacuum system that uses diffusion pump?

During maintenance activity, the surfaces inside the vacuum diffusion pump need to be kept very clean in order to avoid contaminating the vacuum chamber. Even a single fingerprint can outgas water vapor and other molecules.

How long does a diffusion pump take to warm up?

Lower pumping speeds are covered by turbomolecular pumps, but above 3,000 l/s is the domain of oil diffusion pumps. Depending on pump size, oil diffusion pumps require 2-20 kW of electrical power and 150-1500 l/min cooling water. Warm-up time is 20-30 minutes and the oil filling is between 1-20 litres.

What are baffles made of?

In brief, baffles are designed to provide a channel of air to flow through specific parts of your attic. They are known are also known as wind baffle, insulation baffles, rafter vents or venting chutes. They are usually made from cardboard, or rigid foam board, or polyvinyl chloride.

Why is mercury used in diffusion pumps?

Diffusion pumps operate in an entirely different way; by heating the fluid (initially mercury and then later the low pressure oils) to a boil, and directing a high speed jet of vapours down onto a condensing surface, they are able to constantly push down air molecules into the bottom of the pump and thus maintain a …

Why does a diffusion pump need a cooling system?

The pump external housing (or shell) is generally water-cooled to prevent thermal runaway. In all diffusion pumps, a small amount of backstreaming, movement of oil molecules into the vacuum chamber, occurs. In many applications, this is acceptable.

What is the diameter of the Varian vacuum diffusion pump?

Varian Vacuum Diffusion Pump 6″ Type SPO183 SPO 183 Unit is about 24″ more long and the top opening is about 6″ diameter. Not tested.

What is Agilent Varian pump?

Agilent (Varian) Diffusion Pumps. Because of its simplicity, high performance and low initial cost, the diffusion pump is the primary industrial high vacuum pumping mechanism.

What are the characteristics of diffusion pumps?

Because of its simplicity, high performance and low initial cost, the diffusion pump is the primary industrial high vacuum pumping mechanism. Agilent diffusion pumps offer high pumping speeds, high throughput, high tolerance forepressure, excellent backstreaming characteristics, low ultimate pressure, and long-term reliability.

How many watts is a Varian VHS 6 diffusion pump?

Varian VHS-6 diffusion pump. Type: 0184, serial# 12J028, 2200 watts, 120v. With pneumatic gate vale. Very nice condition. Came from research facility. Payment Please make sure you have the ability to pay for your item within 5 days of purchasing the item.