What does a trade plate do?

What does a trade plate do?

What are motor trade plates? Motor trade plates show that a vehicle is being used temporarily for trade purposes. They are suitable for any vehicle that is temporarily in your possession; allowing you to drive without registering and taxing it first.

What is the law on trade plates?

What are the rules? Trade plates must be used only for the particular business purposes for which they were issued. It is an offence to use more than one vehicle under a trade licence at any one time, and to keep a vehicle on a road when not in use except in certain emergency situations.

Can you carry passengers with trade plates?

Trade plates should not be used on a vehicle that is carrying passengers for hire and reward as the purposes for a trade licence being issued does not allow passengers to be carried on a commercial or personal basis.

Can I drive an untaxed car on trade plates?

Trade plates cannot be used on unroadworthy vehicles. All unroadworthy vehicles must be transported. The law allows an untaxed vehicle to be driven to and from a pre-arranged MoT. without a trade plate.

Do you need insurance with trade plates?

Trade plates allow you to circumvent an otherwise lengthy process of registering and taxing every single vehicle which is in your temporary possession. It is important to note that you need trade plate insurance before you can legally drive a car with trade plates on public roads.

Can you drive a Sorn vehicle on trade plates?

SORN cars on trade plates do not require road tax and the insurance would be covered by your motor trade insurance policy. However, it is still illegal to drive a SORN vehicle unless you are driving it to or from a pre-booked MOT testing centre.

Can you drive a vehicle with no MoT on trade plates?

You shouldn’t test drive a car with no MoT because it’s on trade plates, the only reasons this vehicle can be driven are to/from an MoT or to test the condition of the car when it’s undergoing repair work. If caught by the police, you could get into trouble for driving it when you know it doesn’t have an MoT.

Can I get trade plates if I work from home?

Can I get a traders policy if I work from home only. Yes, all of these people who may only work within the motor trade industry once a week, once a month or sell one vehicle a year can apply.

Do trade plates cover insurance?

It is important to note that trade plates do not cover insurance in and of themselves. If you are looking for quality trade plate vehicle delivery insurance, look no further.

Does a trade plate cover insurance?

Can you drive an uninsured car on trade plates?

To summarise, yes you can drive an uninsured vehicle that was uninsured prior to you driving the vehicle, which is now insured because your motor trade insurance policy details that it is.