What does it mean if your RDW is high?

What does it mean if your RDW is high?

A high RDW means that your red blood cells are unequal in size. This condition is called anisocytosis [2, 3]. It happens when, for any reason, the body is having issues producing red blood cells.

What is MCV MCH MCHC RDW in blood work?

13. Mean corpuscular volume (MCV): Average size of red blood cells. Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH): Amount of hemoglobin per red blood cell. Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC): Hemoglobin amount relative to cell size. Red cell distribution width (RDW): Variability in red blood cell size.

What is RDW CV in medical terms?

Red blood cell distribution width (RDW), as well as various types thereof (RDW-CV or RCDW and RDW-SD), is a measure of the range of variation of red blood cell (RBC) volume that is reported as part of a standard complete blood count.

Does chemo affect RDW?

After chemotherapy, EF decreased at 3- and 6-month in the high RDW group [baseline, 64.5% [61.9–68.9%]; 3-month, 62.6% [60.4–66.9%]; 6-month, 63.9% [60.0–67.9%]; 12-month, 64.7% [60.8–67.0%], P = 0.04], but no change was observed in low RDW group.

What does high RDW and high MPV mean?

Elevated RDW is commonly seen in iron deficiency anemia, megaloblastic anemia, etc. Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a common indicator of platelet activity in routine blood.

What causes High RDW levels in blood?

iron-deficiency anemia

  • macrocytic anemia,which causes red blood cells to become larger than average
  • microcytic anemia,which causes red blood cells to become smaller than average
  • hemolytic anemias,which are due to the body destroying red blood cells faster than it can make new ones
  • What does RDW mean in blood work results?

    What does RDW mean in lab work? RDW stands for the red blood cell distribution width. This is a standard reported measure on a complete blood count (CBC) lab test. It measures the variability in red blood cell size. In the normal state, red blood cells are continually being produced and removed from the blood at a steady rate. What is a High

    What does elevated RDW mean in a blood test?

    High results If your RDW is too high, it could be an indication of a nutrient deficiency, such as a deficiency of iron, folate, or vitamin B-12. These results could also indicate macrocytic anemia, when your body doesn’t produce enough normal red blood cells, and the cells it does produce are larger than normal.

    What does High RDW blood mean?

    Normal RDW and normal MCV. People with normal results may still have anemia caused by a chronic medical condition or blood loss.

  • Normal RDW and low MCV. This combination may indicate anemia caused by a chronic condition or thalassemia.
  • Normal RDW and high MCV. This can indicate a liver condition or alcohol abuse.