What does it mean to be too familiar?

What does it mean to be too familiar?

Too familiar, as: Exceedingly common or ordinary. Overfamiliar sayings. Unduly forward or brash; offensively presumptuous. She displayed an overfamiliar attitude toward her superiors.

What is an example of familiar?

The definition of familiar is something or someone who is friendly to you or known to you because of past history or experience. An example of familiar is a description for an old friend. An example of familiar is a description for your home and the path you take to get there. Well-known; common; ordinary.

What are familiar words?

intimate, mundane, recognizable, simple, usual, acquainted, aware, conversant, comfortable, easy, commonplace, domestic, homespun, household, native, natural, ordinary, plain, routine, stock.

How do you spell Infortunate?

adjective Obsolete. of or relating to infortune.

How do you become familiar with something?

To become familiar with a new situation or way of living -…

  1. settle into. phrasal verb.
  2. adjust. verb.
  3. grow into. phrasal verb.
  4. slot in. phrasal verb.
  5. acclimatize. verb.
  6. accustom yourself to something. phrase.
  7. get to know. phrase.
  8. settle in. phrasal verb.

What does not familiar mean?

not familiar; not acquainted with or conversant about: to be unfamiliar with a subject. different; unaccustomed; unusual; strange: an unfamiliar treat.

How Can I Be friendly but not familiar?

Behaving at work: Accessible but not too familiar

  1. Smile when you make eye contact with people.
  2. When someone talks to you devote your full attention to them.
  3. Take off headphones.
  4. Lean towards them.
  5. Look them in the eyes.
  6. Nod during a conversation.
  7. Be positive.

How do you use familiar in a sentence?

Familiar sentence example

  1. The name wasn’t familiar to me.
  2. The familiar voice was carried on the wind.
  3. The familiar light appeared.
  4. His gaze wandered over her face in that familiar way.
  5. I stood amidst the familiar instruments, wondering where to begin.

What is a word for more than familiar?

more prosaic. more run-of-the-mill. more time-honored. more day-to-day. more matter-of-fact.