What does it mean to break a barrier?

What does it mean to break a barrier?

to be larger than the highest previous amount or the highest expected amount. They’re expecting profits to break the $5 million barrier. Synonyms and related words.

What is a word for someone who breaks barriers?

surpass. Synonyms:rise above, overtake, rival, outwit, outstrip, outdo, outperform, outshine, outflank. Synonyms: open-minded. receptive.

What is the synonym of breakthrough?

noun. 1’a major breakthrough in the fight against AIDS’ advance, development, step forward, leap forward, quantum leap, step in the right direction, success, discovery, find, improvement, innovation, revolution. progress, headway, advancement.

What is the synonym of the word barriers?

fence. obstacle. obstruction. wall. 2 (noun) in the sense of hindrance.

How can we break down these barriers?

5 Powerful Ways to Break Down the Communication Barriers That Get in the Way of Your Success

  1. Build new bridges.
  2. Reorganize for better communication.
  3. Be an effective role model.
  4. Reward transparency.
  5. Stop judging and begin to really listen.

What is barrier antonym?

Antonyms: admittance, entrance, opening, passage, road, thoroughfare, transit, way. Synonyms: bar, barricade, breastwork, bulwark, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, parapet, prohibition, rampart, restraint, restriction.

What’s a antonym for barrier?

What is the opposite of barrier?

opening hole
access entranceway
entryway interstice
passageway cranny
passage erosion

What is an intellectual barrier?

This intellectual disability could lead to physical and mental difficulties to access health and social care services. Intellectual Barriers. What are intellectual difficulties? An intellectual disability is caused by an interference with the brain development, before, during or after birth.