What does Peto mean?

What does Peto mean?

fart , gas , wind.

What tense is Petit in Latin?

Second-person singular indicative past form of pettää.

What is Petere?

Petulant Has Latin Roots Petulant is one of many English words that are related to the Latin verb petere, which means “to go to,” “to attack,” “to seek,” or “to request.” “Petere” is a relative of the Latin adjective petulans (“impudent”), from which “petulant” was derived.

What does Pete mean in Latin?

(Latin America, slang) noob, unskilled player.

How do you spell Peto?

noun, plural pe·tos, (especially collectively) pe·to.

How do you pronounce Peto?

Break ‘peto’ down into sounds: [PEE] + [TOH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘peto’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

What does Altiora Peto meaning?

The date of the founding of the school appears in Roman numerals, accompanying the Latin motto “altiora peto” meaning ‘I seek higher things. ‘ A belt girds the seal.

What does Peto mean in English?

What does peto mean in Spanish? peto. English Translation. breastplate. More meanings for peto. breastplate noun. coraza, petral.

What does Peto mean in Urban Dictionary?

Petro A slang term describing Peter North, a famous Canadianporn starknown for his massive ejaculations. Also, it can be used as a verb saying that someone got “petroed” in the face. Benwas hardcorepetroed by his idolPetro

What does Peto mean in Spanish?

peto. I ask, beg, request. I make for (somewhere). I seek, aim at, desire. Auxilium deorum peto. I am seeking the help of the gods. Altiora peto. I seek higher things. I beg, beseech. I attack. Petere aliquem hasta. To attack someone with a spear. (ecclesiastical) To missionize or proselytize among the people of a place Peter Romam Marcus

What does Peto mean in Latin?

petunto (Latin) Verb petuntō Inflection of petō (third-person… petuntor (Latin) Verb petuntor Inflection of petō (third-person… petuntse (English) Noun petuntse (countable and uncountable; pl…. petuntur (Latin) Verb petuntur Inflection of petō (third-person…