What does power only mean on load board?

What does power only mean on load board?

Power only trucking is a full truckload capacity solution that occurs when a carrier provides only a driver and a tractor (also known as a “power unit”). In power only trucking, the driver does not bring a trailer, but instead hooks up to and hauls a trailer that is either leased or owned by a 3PL or shipper.

Are there power only load boards?

Power only trucks are often used to move equipment on flatbed trailers, shipping containers, dry van trailers, refrigerated vans, and tanker trailers. DAT’s power only trucking load boards allow you to easily secure these types of loads.

What does power only mean in trucking?

Power Only refers to the third-party carrier’s role of providing only the truck (also known as the “power”) while Schneider provides the trailers that will carry the shipper’s freight. This means all Power Only freight will continue to use the same Schneider SCAC code.

Does truckstop have power loads?

Our vast volume of new loads daily (in real time if you want) means as a power only driver, you can find any type of load going anywhere.

Is Truckstop Loadboard free?

If you are looking for a load board to grow your business, Truckstop.com has the perfect fit for you! For as low as $39 a month, you have access to hundreds of thousands of legitimate and high-paying loads with brokers you can trust.

Is power only trucking good?

Power-only trucking is a flexible option that can work especially well for shippers that get fluctuating levels of perishable goods. It’s also helpful for those who tend to store loads on trailers for long periods of time.

What is load out power only?

It refers to the use of a third-party carrier to provide trucking power for load shipments. With the truck provided, this is often referred to as power only as the trailers that carry the shipper’s freight comes from another source.

How much is a truckstop membership?

Truckstop.com Load Board Pricing

Name Price
Carrier – Basic $39 user/month*
Carrier – Advanced $125 user/month
Carrier – Pro $149 user/month
Broker – Basic $99 user/month*