What does schwendeman mean?

What does schwendeman mean?

Schwendeman Name Meaning German (Schwendemann): topographic or habitational name from places called Schwende, denoting cleared areas in the forest, for instance in Switzerland (Appenzell canton).

What nationality is Schwendeman?

Schwendeman was a local name, for someone who lived in Swabia, a medieval dukedom that was in southwestern Germany. This is a regional name for a person who was form Swabia having derived from the Germanic word Schwaben, which means Swabian and is derived from the name of the Germanic tribe that inhabited this region.

What does hellriegel mean?

German: nickname from Middle High German helleriegel ‘bolt to lock hell’, also meaning ‘the Devil’ and ‘a devil of a man’. Among other things, this denoted someone who played the devil in a Shrovetide play.

What does nelkin mean?

Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): Slavicized form of ornamental name from German Nelken ‘cloves’, ‘carnation’.

Where is hellriegel?

Little is known about the Standschütze Hellriegel Model 1915. The only source of information about the Hellriegel is several photographs stored in the photo archive of the Austrian National Library under the name “Maschinengewehr des Standschützen Hellriegel” (literally “Machine gun from reservist Hellriegel”).

Is the hellriegel real?

The Hellriegel machine gun was an Austro-Hungarian prototype pistol-caliber machine gun developed in 1915. An early prototype form of the submachine gun concept, no surviving examples are known to exist today but at least one prototype was known to have been made.

Who used the hellriegel?

Standschütze Hellriegel 1915 (German: Maschinengewehr des Standschützen Hellriegel, “Machine gun of Standschütze Hellriegel”) was an Austro-Hungarian water-cooled submachine gun produced during World War I in very limited prototype numbers.

What caliber is the hellriegel?

Standschütze Hellriegel M1915
Cartridge 9x23mm Steyr (conjecture)
Action Blowback (conjecture)
Rate of fire 650-850 rounds per minute (rough estimate)
Effective firing range no estimate

Who created the rifle in ww1?

Reliable and extremely accurate, the SMLE is regarded by most authorities as the finest rifle of the First World War. The 7.92mm Gewehr ’98 introduced into service with the Imperial German Army on 5 April 1898 was designed by Paul Mauser and was the standard infantry weapon in the First World War.

Is the hellriegel an SMG?

Ammunition. Presumably, submachine gun Standschütze Hellriegel fired the pistol cartridge 9×23mm Steyr, the service ammunition for most branches of the Austro-Hungarian military during World War I. The Standschütze Hellriegel could feed from a drum magazine with a capacity of approximately 100-160 rounds.

Who had the best guns in WW1?