What does the idiom My lips are sealed mean?

What does the idiom My lips are sealed mean?

Definition of someone’s lips are sealed informal. —used to say that someone will not tell secret information to anyone Your secret is safe with me: my lips are sealed.

When did our lips are sealed come out?

1981Our Lips Are Sealed / Released

What is the meaning of white as a ghost?

Adjective. white as a ghost (not comparable) (simile) Very white, especially of a person’s face as a result of fear.

What does I am off mean?

an expression said by someone who is just leaving. Bob: Time to go. I’m off.

What happened to the Go Go’s?

The Go-Go’s broke up in 1985 but reconvened several times through the 1990s and beyond, recording new material and touring. They received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. Though the band’s 2016 performances were billed as a farewell tour, the band remains active on an ad hoc basis.

Are your lips sealed?

your lips are sealed. If you say that your lips are sealed, you mean you will keep a secret that someone has told you. As for anything told to me in confidence, well, my lips are sealed. `The Player’ is worth seeing for its deeply funny ending alone but my lips are firmly sealed on that. Note: You can also say that someone has sealed lips.

Are lips are sealed song?

The Go-Go’s first hit, “Our Lips Are Sealed,” was co-written by guitarist Jane Wiedlin, and Terry Hall (of English band Fun Boy Three). Wiedlin and Hall had had a brief affair while the Go-Go’s had toured with The Specials (Hall’s previous band), and the affair inspired the song. (Fun Boy Three did their own version of the song in ‘83.)

Are lips are sealed?

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