What happened to Doug TenNapel?

What happened to Doug TenNapel?

Doug TenNapel is still working, blogging about Earthworm Jim Kickstarter projects that are in development.

What did Doug TenNapel do?

He is best known for creating Earthworm Jim, a character that spawned a video game series, animated series, and a toy line.

Who is Doug Nepal?

Writer, artist, video game designer and TV show developer. Doug TenNapel is the creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood and Bigfoot Bill. He is the author and illustrator of over 20 Graphic Novels which include Earthworm Jim The Comic, Bigfoot Bill, Nnewts, Creature Tech, Earthboy Jacobus and Monster Zoo.

Why was Earthworm Jim Cancelled?

The game was later reported as cancelled due to financial troubles. Financial problems at Atari caused it to sell off its internal development studios, including Shiny Entertainment, which it owned at the time, and ultimately to cease development on all of its game projects, including Earthworm Jim, by the end of 2007.

Who wrote Earthworm Jim?

Doug TenNapel
While he’s been part of some remakes and other projects in the 2000s, he’s mostly fallen into obscurity over the past 20 years. It’s worth noting that Jim has a difficult history due to his original creator, Doug TenNapel. TenNapel is well known in the games and comics industry for his anti-LGBTQ+ views.

How did Earthworm Jim get his suit?

As the story goes, Jim was once just a regular earthworm. After a harrowing escape from a crow, our hero sticks his head out of the dirt while wondering if it’s safe. Suddenly, a super suit falls from the sky and lands on him! Luckily, the suit fits him perfectly.

Who created catscratch?

Catscratch is an American animated television series created by Doug TenNapel (also known for creating the Earthworm Jim series)….

Created by Doug TenNapel
Directed by Michael Girard
Voices of Rob Paulsen Kevin McDonald Wayne Knight Maurice LaMarche Liliana Mumy John DiMaggio

What state does Doug TenNapel live in?

Franklin, Tennessee
He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his beloved wife of twenty-five years, four children, and a sprawling amphibian sanctuary. TenNapel’s latest graphic novel is Nnewts through Scholastic.

What company owns Earthworm Jim?

Interplay Entertainment

Earthworm Jim
Developer(s) Shiny Entertainment VIS Interactive Gameloft
Publisher(s) Interplay Entertainment (2000–present) Virgin Interactive Playmates Interactive (1995–1996) Crave Entertainment (1999) Gameloft (2010)
Creator(s) Doug TenNapel
Platform(s) Various