What happened to Sid after Skins?

What happened to Sid after Skins?

Mike Bailey, who played Sid in the first two seasons of the British teen series, is now a drama teacher. It turns out that Mike, who starred as Sid Jenkins in the first two seasons of the show, is now a drama teacher. Unlike his former co-stars, Mike seems to have stepped away from the spotlight.

How old is Mike Bailey now?

33 years (April 6, 1988)Mike Bailey / Age

Does Cassie date Sid?

Series 2. Cassie in Series 2 In the second series, Cassie is in a long-distance relationship with Sid; the relationship becomes strained when Sid begins to think Cassie has been unfaithful. She and Sid are back together, and tells him she will “love him forever”.

Who is Mike Bailey’s wife?

Helena Bailey
Mike Bailey (weatherman)

Mike Bailey OAM
Organisation Wests Tigers
Television ABC News Seven News
Spouse(s) Helena Bailey ​ ( m. 1986)​
Children 1

Did any of the Skins cast date?

10 Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell – Skins The relationship between Effy and Cook on Skins was always incredibly combustive and it turns out that the chemistry between the characters extended beyond the small screen. Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell were real life sweethearts.

Did Sid actually sing wild world?

Career. In the Skins series 1 finale, Bailey sang a musical ensemble version of “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. He, along with the rest of the main cast of series 1 and 2, did not return for the third series.

Is Maxxie in love with Anwar?

In the series 1 finale, Maxxie calls Anwar to wish him a happy birthday, however, he refuses to attend his party until Anwar tells his parents that Maxxie is gay. Anwar, desperate to see Maxxie, eventually finds him waiting outside, still refusing to go inside. Mr. With that, Maxxie and Anwar’s friendship is renewed.