What happened to tattoo yachts?

What happened to tattoo yachts?

Tattoo Yachts has ended production of the 26, and is currently not producing any new boats. They continue to develop their new Tattoo 22, we will post any new information about it’s development and possible future production.

What does a boat symbolize spiritually?

The boat as a symbol of a journey, a voyage of life The boat immediately evokes a passage, carrying you over the watery depths. The boat can symbolise a spiritual journey on the sea of life; one cannot get anywhere by remaining on an island. A boat without a pilot might also suggest that God guides the soul’s journey.

Can a sailboat be a yacht?

Interestingly enough, outside of the United States, ‘yacht’ generally refers to a sailboat unless specifically called a motor yacht. Unhelpfully, those of us in the US still have to contend with the power/sail question, and ‘boat’ is still used interchangeably.

What happened to MacGregor Sailboats?

founder Roger MacGregor has ceased production of the craft and has turned his attention to the construction of custom-built 70-foot MacGregors. The last MacGregor 26 came off the production line on April 24, signifying the end of an era for the best-selling sailboat.

What kind of boat is a tattoo 26?

New boat: Tattoo 26 T he Tattoo 26, is a trailerable, 26-foot motorsailer built by Paul Sharp and Laura MacGregor Sharp. Laura is the daughter of Roger MacGregor, designer and builder of the MacGregor 26. Tattoo Yachts uses the MacGregor 26 hull and deck molds.

Will there be a tattoo 22 power Sailer?

In the interim we will be completing the Tattoo 22. We pulled the first Tattoo 22 hull and deck out of the molds last week and they look even better than we had hoped. A number of our dealers have Tattoo 26 Power Sailers available in stock, so we have set up a new page “ Where can I get a Tattoo 26?

Where is the Tattoo 26 now?

Renamed the Tattoo 26, the new boat is now built in Florida by the daughter of the MacGregor family and her husband. The idea is to keep boating fun and affordable for families.

Where to find us Tattoo yachts?

Our boats are easy to sail, easy to trail, and fast under power. Where to find us Tattoo Yachts, LLCMailing address:4521 PGA Blvd No 424, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418 USA New Factory in process: Fort Pierce, FL [email protected]+1 772 872-6761 Tel