What happens if you tell Anders to leave?

What happens if you tell Anders to leave?

If Hawke supports the mages then tells Anders to leave, he is later encountered again inside the Gallows, wanting to be a part of the battle. If his aid is accepted, he rejoins the party. If it is rejected, he wishes Hawke victory and leaves permanently.

What happens if you send Irving into the fade?

If you send Irving into the Fade during the Arl of Redcliffe quest, you can make him a blood mage if you have it unlocked and your party is lvl 7 or higher: Irving will have one specialization point which you can use. Irving is one of the people who will appear when Wynne’s Amulet of Memories is used.

Should I tell on jowan?

Ultimately you must tell Lily and Jowan that you will help them, either truthfully or not. Lily will explain that you need to obtain a Rod of Fire in order to get past the locked door to the phylactery chamber.

How do you rival Sebastian?

Rivalry. Rivalry with Sebastian can generally be earned by pushing him to retake Starkhaven, by siding against the Chantry and by making aggressive, disagreeable or otherwise “dishonorable” choices.

Who is the best mage to send into the fade?

You must choose which mage to send into the Fade: the Warden (only if they are a mage), Morrigan, Wynne, Irving (with high enough persuasion), or Jowan (Jowan has the first 2 Blood Mage spells and only basic gear without any healing items or spells).

Does Carver like being a Grey Warden?

Even though Carver had been a massive jerk, I was horrified when he died in the Deep Roads on my first playthrough, and on my next playthrough, I took Anders along to save him. Carver is actually pretty happy as a Grey Warden, too.

What happens if you dont help Jowan?

Jowan will inform you that he plans on destroying his phylactery and escaping the tower. You can now agree to help him out or to refuse in aiding him in his escape. If you choose not to help him you must go to Irving (M11, 4) and tell him about the situation.