What happens in the Outsiders chapter 3 4?

What happens in the Outsiders chapter 3 4?

They find Dally at the house of Buck Merril, his rodeo partner. He manages to get the boys fifty dollars, a change of clothing for Ponyboy, and a loaded gun. He instructs them to take a train to Windrixville, where they can hide in an abandoned church. Ponyboy and Johnny get on a train, and Ponyboy goes to sleep.

What is the summary of chapter 3 in the outsiders?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 3. The movie comes to an end and the group decides to walk over to Two-Bit’s house to get his car to take the girls home. Two-Bit and Marcia are continuing to get along, and as they walk Ponyboy and Cherry amaze themselves as they divulge insights as confidants.

What happens in chapter 4 of the outsiders?

Ponyboy and Johnny reach the park around 2:30 a.m. A blast from a car horn alerts them that the blue Mustang is near. The boys realize that they are outnumbered as five Socs climb out of the car, including Bob and Randy, Cherry’s and Marcia’s boyfriends.

Who killed Ponyboy in chapter 4?

David holds him under, and Pony feels like he’s “dying” (4.18) and wonders if Johnny is okay. He passes out, and later comes to on the ground near the fountain. He sees Johnny. Johnny says he killed Bob.

What is Dally’s dream in chapter 3 of the outsiders?

What is Dally’s dream and why won’t it come true? He wants to not be a hoodlum. It won’t come true because he’d die if he were not one and doesn’t have any money.

What is Ponyboy’s Dream chapter 3?

Ponyboy says it would be nice to be in the country. He falls asleep and starts dreaming of being in the country. He dreams his parents are there with him. After a time, Johnny wakes him up.

What is the conflict in chapter 4 of the outsiders?

Dally’s gun and “hoodlum’s jacket” show how the conflict with the Socs (and Bob’s killing in particular) is pushing Ponyboy and Johnny away from innocence and sensitivity toward Dally’s much more hard-hearted and violent way of life.

Where does Chapter 4 of the outsiders take place?

They find Dally at a party at the house of Dally’s rodeo partner, Buck Merril. When he learns what’s happened, Dally gives them warm clothes, fifty dollars, a loaded gun, and directions to a hide-out in an abandoned church in the small rural town of Windrixville.