What is a 99 Trans Am worth?

What is a 99 Trans Am worth?

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Average Market Value $5,893
Low Market Value $4,420
High Market Value $7,367

What is the value of a 1999 Pontiac Firebird?

1999 Pontiac Firebird trade-in prices range from $865 – $7,823. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

What engine is in a 1999 Firebird?

3.8 L V6
5.7 L V8
1999 Pontiac Firebird/Engine

What is a 2000 Trans Am worth?

2000 Pontiac Firebird trade-in prices range from $902 – $8,545.

Will GM bring back the Trans Am?

By 2021, the Pontiac Trans Arm will be resurrected with an estimated price of well over $100,000. Although the Pontiac brand has seen better days, it’s ready for a revival. No, General Motors is not bringing it back but they have licensed a certain group called the Trans Am Depot to take care of it.

Why did they stop making Trans Ams?

The iconic brand was discontinued because of the company’s financial problems and the restructuring it necessitated. Several efforts were made to save Pontiac, but the fact that it was a loss-making brand that was also cannibalizing Chevrolet sales sealed its fate.

What’s the difference between a Pontiac Firebird and a Pontiac Trans Am?

What’s the Difference Between the Pontiac Firebird and the Trans Am? While all Trans Ams are Pontiac Firebirds, not all Firebirds are Trans Ams. This is due to Trans Ams being a type of Pontiac Firebird started as a specialty package in 1969. The Trans Am essentially took the Firebird’s performance to the next level.

How much does a 1999 Pontiac Firebird weigh?

3,323 to 3,613 lbs1999 Pontiac Firebird / Curb weight

How much are Pontiac Firebirds worth?

Make Avg Price Last 90 Days
CarGurus Index $30,725 +3.88%
Pontiac Firebird $23,803 +4.66%
1969 Pontiac Firebird $54,680 +11.61%
1979 Pontiac Firebird $39,278 +9.87%