What is a Dtsx file?

What is a Dtsx file?

Specifies the Data Transformation Services Package File Format (DTSX), which is an XML-based file format that stores the instructions for the processing of a data flow from its points of origin to its points of destination, including transformations and optional processing steps between the origin and destination …

How do you execute a stored procedure in a script?


  1. Create SQL Server Table and Stored Procedure to insert Folder Name.
  2. Create an SSIS Package from basics.
  3. Use Script Task with FTP connection and ADO NET Connection, Get List of Folders from FTP Server and then execute Stored Procedure in Script Task to insert folder Name into table.

How to execute stored procedures in SSIs?

Set up the SSIS Execute SQL Task to execute stored procedures by providing the call to the proc name in the General tab’s SQLStatement property. The catch is the same as before. Because the Execute SQL Task sits on top of several different data providers, you need to pay attention to the way each provider handles the stored procedure call.

How to execute a stored procedure once in a package?

If you wish to execute that stored procedure for once in a package means..drag Execute SQL Task in to control flow and put your execute stament there and make result set to none.. there are two ways to execute : using Execute SQL task as mentioned above, another one with OLEDB Command transformation.

How to execute the SSIS package from the catalog?

In order to execute the SSIS package from the catalog, we have to execute at least two stored procedures from the SSISDB database: create_execution and start_execution. In create_execution we specify the details need to identify the package to be executed (folder name, project name and package name).

What is execute SQL task in SSIs?

The Execute SQL Task is one of the most widely used tasks in SSIS for interacting with an RDBMS Data Source.