What is a good sentence for secede?

What is a good sentence for secede?

Secede sentence example He argued that a state had no legal right to secede , but denied that the federal government had any power forcibly to prevent it. From the same usage is derived the shorter political term “cave” for any body of men who secede from their party on some special subject.

How do you use sectionalism in a sentence?

Sectionalism sentence example

  1. The cheering in the auditorium showed the sectionalism of the fans.
  2. Sectionalism had a big influence on issues in the Civil War because the northern states didn’t agree with the southern states.

How do you use cunning in a sentence?

Cunning sentence example

  1. In this world one has to be cunning and cruel.
  2. They’d been cunning by bringing Claire here to distract him.
  3. He gave a cunning smile as she tensed.
  4. Men have told me that there is no riddle so cunning that you can not solve it.
  5. They are good hunters who are wonderfully cunning and enduring.

How do you use emigrate in a sentence?

Using Emigrate in a Sentence It puts the emphasis on going rather than coming to a new country. For example, The war caused the family to emigrate from their homeland to a new country. Although the man loved his home country, his beloved lived in a different country, so he decided to emigrate to be with her.

What sectionalism means?

sectionalism, an exaggerated devotion to the interests of a region over those of a country as a whole.

What is a good example of cunning?

The definition of cunning is something done with ingenuity or clever deception. An example of cunning is the way a racoon gets into a closed garbage can.

What is a cunning person?

adjective. Someone who is cunning has the ability to achieve things in a clever way, often by deceiving other people. These disturbed kids can be cunning. Synonyms: ingenious, subtle, imaginative, shrewd More Synonyms of cunning.

What are some examples of emigration?

Emigration is defined as the act of leaving one’s country to live in another. If you live in Ireland and you move to the United States and try to set up permanent citizenship, this is an example of emigration.