What is a High Focus Program?

What is a High Focus Program?

High Focus Centers is a premier provider of outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, and eating disorders.

What is a pyramid family?

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare (PFBH) of Atlanta offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Outpatient Program (OP) that serve adolescents and adults suffering with mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and other common behavioral health …

What is mental health PHP?

Partial Hospitalization is a structured mental health treatment program that runs for several hours each day, three to five days per week. Clients participate in the scheduled treatment sessions during the day and return home at night. It can also be used to prevent the need for an inpatient hospital stay.

What is IOP healthcare?

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (also known as IOP for “Intensive Outpatient Program”) is a primary treatment program recommended in some circumstances by a clinical and medical assessment. IOP may be recommended for those who do not need medically-supervised detox.

What is a PHP registered nurse?

RN (Registered Nurse) The Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an outpatient behavioral health program that treats adolescents with psychiatric illnesses, behavioral issues, and chemical dependency.

What does PHP stand for in rehab?

Specialized Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Treatment Services. With a dedication to ensuring that patients receive the level of care that is right for them, the Acadia Healthcare network offers a variety of partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) at many of its facilities.

What does Psychiatric Rehabilitation emphasize?

Psychiatric rehabilitation promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives.

How much does PHP cost?

The cost of a PHP will differ from program to program; however, an estimated average is between $350 and $450 per day. The thought of paying for treatment may seem frightening, but you cannot put a price on your health, happiness, and overall well-being.

What does PHP mean in mental health?

Specialized Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Treatment Services.

What do I expect in PHP?

Once enrolled in a PHP, you will be seen by an individual clinician for therapy and case management once a week and a prescriber for medication management needs once or twice a week. You will be seen by the attending psychiatrist or nurse practitioner the day of intake.

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Why choose high focus centers?

High Focus Centers is a premier provider of outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. At High Focus Centers, no two treatment plans are alike.

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