What is a Kerastase Ritual?

What is a Kérastase Ritual?

The signature Fusio-Dose ritual is the most personalized service Kérastase offers and is exclusively available in salons. With up to 20 possible pairings, the results are instant and can target 2 key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density and dullness. FIND OUT MORE. “ There’s nothing else like it.

What is ritual treatment for hair?

An advanced treatment enriched with Stemoxydine – a patented molecule known to stimulate hair growth. The programme is a combination of 6 In-Salon Rituals and consistent use of Home-Care products that result in Visibly Denser hair in 90 days.

Is Kérastase a luxury?

Kérastase is the world’s leading luxury professional haircare brand. For over 55 years, it has built its reputation on delivering exceptional performance on scalp and hair through exquisite products and bespoke in-salon treatments.

Can I use Kérastase 8H magic night serum during the day?

Can I use 8H Magic Night Serum during the day? Yes, you can use the product during the day as a leave-in conditioner but there is no heat protection.

How often should you use Kérastase night serum?

Usage may vary based on your hair need and dryness level. We recommend using 2-4 pumps, but this may vary a bit based on hair length and thickness. This product is gentle enough to use on a nightly basis.

What is Kérastase spa?

Each Kérastase experience starts with a professional in-depth scalp and hair diagnosis using the exclusive Kérastase Camera. The recommended in-salon Rituals are delivered by our expert hairstylists with precise massage techniques and detailed craftsmanship.

Does Kérastase have keratin?

Kérastase is one of the best professional haircare lines that is used in salons and at home. Masque Fluidealiste nourishes your hair, Spray Fluidissime makes it easy to style, Fondant Fluidealiste gives it shine, Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste protects the natural keratin in hair.

Is Kérastase worth the hype?

Yes, absolutely worth it. I have used Kerastase for ages and I still love it. You do have to bear in mind though that it is a super expensive line of products.. and since you have long hair (mine is a bit longer than yours) and an average washing and conditioning of twice a week, it can get quite taxing on the pocket.

What is the Kérastase in-Salon ritual?

To heighten the experience an essential oil of your choice is mixed with the scrub. While your scalp enjoys exfoliation, the essential oils fragrance awakens your senses. The 1st in-salon Ritual by Kérastase for strengthening hair from root to tip.

Why choose Kérastase for Hair Beauty?

The most advanced formulations, the most luxurious environments and the expertise of the Kérastase Ambassador transform hair beauty into a skilful artform. Indulge your senses exclusively in your nearest Kérastase salon.

What is Kérastase creatine R?

The 1st in-salon Ritual by Kérastase for strengthening hair from root to tip. Breakthrough technology Creatine R, strengthens hair’s internal structure, seals cuticles and leaves hair in perfect condition. One salon visit results in up to 99% less breakage and 78% less split ends.*

How are the Kérastase scalp cures treated?

Each unique concern is treated in 3 steps, including the micro-targeted application of the Kérastase scalp cures using the Micronizer to deliver unparalleled efficacy.