What is a monophonic piece?

What is a monophonic piece?

In music, monophony is the simplest of musical textures, consisting of a melody (or “tune”), typically sung by a single singer or played by a single instrument player (e.g., a flute player) without accompanying harmony or chords. Many folk songs and traditional songs are monophonic.

What modern songs are monophonic?


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What is the best example of a monophonic musical texture?

Monophony was the principle texture of Western music until the Middle Ages and is a basic element of virtually all music. Examples include Byzantine and Gregorian chants, the songs of troubadours and trouvères from France, and the German minnesingers and meistersingers.

Are drums monophonic?

Drums are instruments of indefinite pitch and do not play melody or harmony. Drones are constant sounds that do not function as melody or harmony. Therefore, drums and drones can both be present with a single melody and the texture is still considered to be monophonic.

Is a piano monophonic?

Almost all classical keyboard instruments are polyphonic. Examples include the piano, harpsichord, organ and clavichord.

What is monophonic in medieval music?

Monophonic chant: Monophonic singing, which is based on a single unison melodic line, was popular from the very beginning of the Medieval era. In civilizations spanning from Rome to Spain to Ireland, somber religious chants—called plainchant or plainsong—dominated the early Medieval period.

What is a homophonic song?

Homophony is a musical texture of several parts in which one melody predominates; the other parts may be either simple chords or a more elaborate accompaniment pattern. In the song (Lied) “Bliss,” by Schubert, the piano has its own melody when the voice does not sing, accompanied by chords played by the left hand.

Is Happy Birthday monophonic?

Monophony. When a piece of music is nothing more than a melody, this texture is called monophony. When a room full of people sings “Happy Birthday”, the men are usually singing the melody an octave lower than the women, so they are no longer singing in unison but at the octave.

Are saxophones monophonic?

However, the couesnophone is a polyphonic instrument, while the saxophone is monophonic.