What is a Questing Knight?

What is a Questing Knight?

Questing Knights is a Bretonnia cavalry unit. He who undertakes the quest must never flinch and never waver, until at last he finds the sacred Grail, and sups.

Are Grail guardians Knights?

Strategy. The melee cavalry version of the Grail Knights, these warriors are still fearsome. If you are uncertain of your micro to cycle your cavalry in and out of combat, these Guardians are for you. They will be able to hold their own and deal damage without needing the constant attention other knights require.

What is a knight without a lord?

A “freelance” was a knight without a lord in the Middle Ages. The word comes from the 19th century and refers to a particular kind of Medieval soldier. Most knights served one lord, whose castle and people they swore to defend with their main weapons, their sword and lance.

Can a peasant become a Grail knight?

Sir Geg of Wainfleet, also known as the Peasant Knight, is one of the fabled Grail Knights of Bretonnia. Originally a simple farmhand, Geg became one of the few peasants to ever be granted knighthood, and the only peasant known to have supped from the legendary Grail.

Who is the Fay Enchantress?

Morgiana le Fay, known more commonly as the Fay Enchantress, is the personal representative of the Lady of the Lake, the regional goddess of Bretonnia, and as such is the most influential figure in that kingdom.

Why do knights go on a quest?

The knight-errant is a character that has broken away from the world of his origin, in order to go off on his own to right wrongs or to test and assert his own chivalric ideals. Knight-errantry tales remained popular with courtly audiences throughout the Late Middle Ages.

Is the Fay Enchantress a vampire?

She has been known to draw lightning from the sky to strike her enemies, and slay with but a wrathful glance. During the End Times, she was betrayed to Mannfred von Carstein by the Branchwraith Drycha, captured and transformed into a vampire, though she was hesitant to feed on people after her transformation.