What is a seconder in a meeting?

What is a seconder in a meeting?

Definitions of seconder. someone who endorses a motion or petition as a necessary preliminary to a discussion or vote. type of: admirer, booster, champion, friend, protagonist, supporter. a person who backs a politician or a team etc.

What comes after seconding a motion?

The seconder may state “I second the motion” or “second” without first being recognized by the chair. After hearing a second, the chair then states the question and the motion is placed before the assembly for discussion.

What is the role of a seconder?

A second indicates to the chair that at least one other member besides the person who stated the motion would like to have the motion placed before the assembly. Seconding a motion does not indicate that the member is in support of the motion, only that he or she thinks the idea should be discussed.

What is meant by seconder?

someone who makes a formal statement of support for a suggestion made by someone else during a meeting, so that there can be a discussion or vote: There was no seconder for the motion so it could not be debated.

What does yeas and nays mean?

Yea and Nay Vote. A vote in which members usually respond “aye” or “no” (despite the official title of the vote) on a question when their names are called in alphabetical order. Yea and nay votes are usually taken by electronic device.

How do you pass a motion?

Once a motion has been accepted, the chair person will ask for a second. Another member will second the motion, by saying “I second”, or something similar. The chair person will then repeat the entire motion for accuracy. A motion with an approval and a second will then move to discussion.

How do you adjourn a meeting?

Here are some examples of how to adjourn a meeting:

  1. “I declare the meeting adjourned.”
  2. I move to adjourn the meeting and, hearing no objection, I declare the meeting adjourned.”
  3. “The meeting is adjourned at [TIME].”
  4. “If there is no objection, we will now adjourn the meeting.

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