What is a triremes?

What is a triremes?

Medieval and early modern galleys with three files of oarsmen per side are sometimes referred to as triremes.

Where can I find media related to trireme?

Welsh, Frank (1988). Building the Trireme. Constable and Company Limited. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Trireme. History and archeology of the ship – lecture notes – 26. Triremes, from the Centre for Maritime Archaeology of the University of Southampton

What are the fundamentals of trireme design?

After gathering the proper timbers and materials it was time to consider the fundamentals of the trireme design. These fundamentals included accommodations, propulsion, weight and waterline, centre of gravity and stability, strength, and feasibility.

When was the first trireme found?

Found in 1852, it is one of the main pictorial testaments to the layout of the trireme.