What is a Unimount plow?

What is a Unimount plow?

The Unimount allowed for a quick, one-piece removal of the snowplow whenever the truck was not being used for plowing. Once the stand was in the position, all it took was four pins, two electrical plugs, and two quick couplers to attach or remove most of the plow.

Where is the serial number on a Western snow plow?

We have enclosed a “Report Card” in your Owner’s Manual packet for your use. Your WESTERN® snowplow FloStat® hydraulic unit has a serial number. Record this serial number on the Owner’s Information page at the front of this manual.

What is the difference between UltraMount and UltraMount 2?

The UltraMount 2 system is designed for fast and easy attach and detach. It features a more robust one-piece design and is 100% compatible with existing mounts and electrical platforms. The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides true fleet interchangeability among current UltraMount® and UltraMount® 2 mounted snowplows.

Why did my plow stop working?

If the motor isn’t allowing you to engage the plow, the problem could be with the battery or its connection, the motor itself, a blown fuse or an issue with your controller. Locate your motor relay near the battery, where the positive lead from your battery attaches to a mechanism to divert power for your plow motor.

What is the difference between Unimount and Ultramount?

Ultra Mount is much faster mounting than the Uni Mount, also you can take the recievers off in the off season for a cleaner stock look.

Are Western and Fisher plow mounts the same?

If you didn’t know, Western and Fisher use the same wiring. And now on the Fleet Flex plows, they are also the same as Blizzard and SnowEx. In 2002, Western and Fisher moved away from the relay wiring and switched to the isolation module wiring.

What part is 49362 on a Western plow?

Western Plow Part # 49362 – Park/Turn Socket and Wire Assembly Kit was used on the older light kits found on Western and SnowEx snow plows. These park and…

Are there any aftermarket parts available for the western snow plow?

You won’t find aftermarket parts here. All Western snow plow parts sold by SnowplowsPlus are 100% OEM including all headlight parts for your plow. Shop for the new Western NightHawk Headlamps to brighten your path and keep you safer on the roads all night.

What is the replacement housing for the Douglas Dynamics plow lights?

Here is a New Replacement Housing for the Douglas Dynamics products (Western part # 49298, Fisher part #8382… Western SnowEx Part # 28802-1 – Headlamp Headlight Service Kit Passenger Side (Without Harness) is the complete passenger’s side headlight for the new Western Night Hawk plow lights.

What are the newest updated Western Nighthawk plow lights?

These are the Newest Updated Western Nighthawk Lights (# 38800). They are the Updated Dual bulb lights – a direct replacement for the 28800 and 64100 lights. Western SnowEx Part # 28213K – H13 Plow Lighting Harness Kit is the 11-pin wiring harness for the newer style NightHawk plow lights, Western part # 28800-1.