What is AFC contract?

What is AFC contract?

AFC Contract means formal agreement signed between DMRC and the Automatic Fare Collection System Technology Provider for the AFC Project of DMRC.

Does NHS pay full sick pay?

Below is a summary of the NHS sick pay entitlements….Sick pay.

During the first year of service One month’s full pay and two months half pay
During the second year of service Two months full pay and two months half pay
During the third year of service Four months full pay and four months half pay

How long do you get full sick pay in NHS?

Overview. You can get £96.35 per week Statutory Sick Pay ( SSP ) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks.

What is Agenda for Change pay scheme?

Agenda for Change refers to a pay and conditions structure for the NHS introduced in 2004 to replace the old Whitley scales and clinical grading schemes. In this context it aims to both harmonise and modernise pay and conditions, terms of employment and human resources policies across the NHS.

How much annual leave do you get after 10 years NHS?

Agenda for Change: entitlements for NHS employees after 10 years service: 33 days leave + eight days general public holiday days.

Can employers OD NHS?

Do OD is the expert resource on Organisation Development (OD) for health and care. Delivered by NHS Employers in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, Do OD supports those developing organisations and systems to be better practitioners and make a positive impact on patient care.

How does NHS pay work?

The system works by allocating a point score to each role within the NHS, which then determines the basic rate of salary for that role, including nurse pay scales. The pay scales apply to over one million people working for the NHS, working to harmonise pay scales and career progression.

Who is covered by Agenda for Change?

Agenda for Change (AfC) is the current National Health Service (NHS) grading and pay system for NHS staff, with the exception of doctors, dentists, apprentices and some senior managers.

What salary is band 7 NHS?


Band 1 * £18,546
Band 6 £32,306 £34,172
Band 7 £40,057 £42,121
Entry step point Top step point
Band 8a £47,126** £53,219

What are the conditions of employment for nurses in the NHS?

NHS conditions of employment. Standard working hours, overtime, annual leave and on-call working arrangements. You are here: Royal College of Nursing / Employment and Pay / NHS conditions of employment. The standard full-time working week for NHS staff is 37.5 hours.

Are NHS staff entitled to overtime pay?

All NHS staff in pay bands 1–7 are eligible for overtime payments if they work more than 37.5 hours a week. Senior staff in pay bands 8 and 9 are not entitled to overtime payments. You can request time off in lieu instead of overtime.

What is the role of NHS Employers?

NHS Employers is the employers’ organisation for the NHS in England. We help employers to develop a sustainable workforce, improve staff experience and be the best employers they can be. Find out more about our work.

What is the pay structure for NHS staff in Wales?

Pay structure Wales. 1.1 The NHS pay system as a whole will have two pay spines or series of pay bands: pay spine one for staff within the remit of the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body and pay spine two for staff within the extended remit of the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB).