What is AMS-850?

What is AMS-850?

AMS-850 is the software that allows you to download data from the Compact Thermo Logger, easily create graphs, tables, or CSV files, and print the data. The following operating environment is needed to use this software.

Is ESPN 850 WKNR a commercial radio station?

WKNR is a commercial sports radio station in the United States. It is owned by Good Karma Brands (a radio broadcasting, sports marketing, event planning company) and is licensed to Cleveland, Ohio. This radio station is one of the two Cleveland affiliates for ESPN radio that is why it is also known as ESPN 850 WKNR. Show more.

Where can I find the AMS-850 shortcut on my computer?

AMS-850 is registered in the Start menu. Then, the shortcut is created on the desktop. * Make sure the software is installed by a user with administration privileges. For details, consult your system administrator.

How do I open a saved file in AMS-850?

Open one of the files that have already been saved by AMS-850 and display it graphically or as a data list. ① Choose Open from the File menu. ② Specify the file you wish to open and click Open. * Check to see that the file name you have selected is shown in the file name column before you click Open.