What is an example of white biotechnology?

What is an example of white biotechnology?

White biotechnology uses renewable resources such as carbohydrates from cereals, corn and sugar beet or vegetable oils from sunflowers, rapeseed and oil palms. Increasing efforts are also being made to use waste products as raw materials.

What are the products of white biotechnology?

A crucial tool of the 21st century to meet the challenges of the different industries, white biotechnology taps the use of enzymes and microorganisms for various industries, including nutrition, animal feeds, food, paper, pulp, textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, waste management and specialty chemicals.

What is white biotechnology used for?

White biotechnology is solely applied to the industry to replace polluting technologies for clean ones. The technology uses living cells from molds, bacteria, plants, and yeast to synthesize the easily degradable products. It may need less energy and produce fewer by-product wastes.

What are the colors of biotechnology?

Color Type Area of Biotech Activities
Red Health, Medical, Diagnostics
Yellow Food Biotechnology, Nutrition Science
Blue Aquaculture, Coastal and Marine Biotech
Green Agricultural, Environmental Biotechnology – Biofuels, Biofertilizers, Bioremediation, Geomicrobiology

Why is biotechnology called white?

An entire branch of biotechnology, known as ‘white biotechnology’, is devoted to this. It uses living cells—from yeast, moulds, bacteria and plants—and enzymes to synthesize products that are easily degradable, require less energy and create less waste during their production.

What is black biotechnology?

Dark biotechnology is the color associated with bioterrorism or biological weapons and biowarfare which uses microorganisms, and toxins to cause diseases and death in humans, livestock and crops.

What is Brown biotechnology?

Brown biotechnology is a branch of biotechnology that is related to the management of arid lands and deserts. The brown color represents the brown soil in such an area. Brown biotechnology is also called Arid Zone and Desert Biotechnology. Deserts and arid lands make a large part of the earth.

What are the types of biotechnologies?

Biotechnology has three main categories: biomedical, agricultural, and environmental.

What is gray biotechnology?

Gray or environmental biotechnology is an aspect of biotechnology that involves the application of biological systems and processes in waste treatment and management, and for the protection and restoration of the quality of the environment [2].