What is animalintex?

What is animalintex?

Animalintex is a unique and proven combination of… Minimises infection and re-infection, promotes healing. A natural poulticing agent, activated by water, draws out infected wounds, abscesses and reduces inflammation. Contained in a specially made with…

How do you use animalintex to remove scabs?

Apply a hot, wet Animalintex every 8 hours for 2 days to remove the scabs, then use dry Animalintex changed every 12 hours as a wound dressing until the skin has healed. (including road traffic accidents) Cleanse the wound with boiled water and salt (cooled to 38ºC/100ºF). Apply a hot, wet Animalintex changing every 8 hours.

Why animalintex poultice?

Animalintex is THE poultice and wound dressing suitable for a wide range of conditions. Renowned world-wide for its effectiveness, and now improved with a stronger core for better strength when wet.

How do you use animalintex on a wound?

Animalintex will help stem bleeding and promote faster healing while preventing infection of the wound. Apply dry to the clean wound. bandage pressure can help to reduce the swelling and oedema and to control the haemorrhage. Take care not to restrict circulation.