What is another word for extremely excited?

What is another word for extremely excited?

What is another word for very excited?

ablaze passionate
excited impassioned
fervent frenzied
intense angry
eager enthusiastic

How would you describe extreme excitement?

Delirium is defined as a feeling of extreme uncontrolled excitement, or a feeling of confusion and paranoia. Fervor is defined as intense feelings or passion.

What can I say instead of overwhelming?


  • amazing.
  • astounding.
  • crushing.
  • devastating.
  • mind-boggling.
  • staggering.
  • stunning.
  • vast.

How do you express extreme happiness?

6 Happy idioms & expressions in English: phrases to express happiness

  1. On cloud nine.
  2. Like a dog with two tails.
  3. Full of the joys of spring.
  4. Happy camper.
  5. Over the moon.
  6. Paint the town red.

How do you say professionally excited?

41 alternatives to the word “excited”

  1. aflame.
  2. animated.
  3. anxious.
  4. ardent.
  5. breathless.
  6. delighted.
  7. eager.
  8. elated.

How do you describe feeling overwhelmed?

Light-headedness. Letting out an uncontrollable cry, sob, or whimper. Dropping something, spilling something (slopping tea, dishes chattering together as you carry them) Becoming angry or argumentative.

What is a word for expressing feelings?

Some common synonyms of express are air, broach, utter, vent, and voice. While all these words mean “to make known what one thinks or feels,” express suggests an impulse to reveal in words, gestures, actions, or what one creates or produces. expressed her feelings in music.

What is an idiom for excited?

bounce off the walls. Someone who is very excited about something, or full of nervous energy, is said to be bouncing off the walls. “Danny can’t wait to start his new job. He’s bouncing off the walls.”

What are some words to describe overwhelming?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR OVERWHELMING. acute. adjective severe, intense. cutting. distressing. excruciating. exquisite. fierce. keen. overpowering. overwhelming. piercing. poignant. astounding. awesome. breathtaking. compulsive.

What are some words to describe excitement?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR EXCITEMENT. ado. noun fuss. bother. confusion. excitement. flurry. hubbub. to-do. travail. trouble. turmoil. animation. bang. noun thrilling situation. enjoyment. excitement. kick. pleasant feeling. smash. wallop. wow. blast. noun fun time. amusement. bash. blow out.

What is the opposite of overwhelmed?

Overwhelmed: as in stunned, stupefied. Synonyms: staggered, stunned, stupefied… Antonyms: unimpressed, disinterested, incurious… Find the right word.

What is another word for overpowering?

Overwhelming: as in irresistible, overpowering. Synonyms: irresistible, overpowering, catching… Antonyms: endurable, sufferable, supportable… Find the right word.