What is candle Tratak?

What is candle Tratak?

Tratak or trataka involves looking into the heart of a candle flame for as long as possible without blinking, and eventually holding the image of the flame in the mind’s eye when the eyes do close. This was said to clean and purify them, leaving the eyes clear and bright.

What is a flame meditation?

Candle meditation is a simple meditation technique in which you focus your sight and your attention on the flame of a candle for a certain length of time. The flame of a candle has some mystery in it, and it attracts the attention. It flickers, changes it shape, produces a halo, and displays several colors.

How do you meditate with a candle flame?

As you gaze at the candle, breath. Focus on the sensation of the light flowing into you with each inhalation. As time passes, the room around you will fade until your only awareness is the flame. When your meditation is done, lay down and close your eyes for five minutes.

How does trataka work?

Ritual-like, the practice of Trataka involves sitting in a darkened room and staring at a fixed point (traditional “candle Trataka” or “flame Trataka” uses a candle flame) for several minutes, breathing deeply, without blinking, until tears run down the cheeks, before lightly palming one’s eyes in meditative relaxation …

What are the benefits of tratak?

Health Benefits of Tratak Kriya

  • Relieves mental stress.
  • Relieves headache, migraine etc.
  • Brings an end to insomnia or sleeping difficulties.
  • Freedom from negative thoughts.
  • Concentration increases.
  • Help to reduce anger.
  • Sharpens eyesight.
  • Brain functionality increases.

How do you do tratak benefits?

The expert added that “Trataka is the practice of intense gazing at one point or object”. Literally meaning ‘to look/gaze’, in this meditation, a candle flame is usually used as an object of concentration. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with the hands on the knees in jnana or chin mudra.

What are the benefits of candle meditation?

Benefits of candle meditation

  • increased cognitive performance and focus.
  • improved memory and spatial attention.
  • improved mental health.
  • improved sleep quality.
  • improved eye health.

How do you do Tratak meditation?


  1. Sit in meditation pose in front of a candle.
  2. Open the eyes and look at the flame without blinking.
  3. Close the eyes again.
  4. Repeat the practice 3 times.
  5. The practice time should gradually build.
  6. One may also practice Trataka while looking at a white point on black paper, or at a black point on white paper.

What are the benefits of Tratak?

What is tratak good for?

The tratak kriya strengthens eye muscles and improves vision and memory. It also helps in keeping insomnia at bay. Those who have sleeping difficulties should do tratak daily without fail. It also strengthens the ability to concentrate.

How do you do trataka meditation?

Is tratak harmful?

Yes, if done overly forcefully, in a tense manner, you can damage your eyes. No matter if you do tratak on a dot, idol, image, candle, fire, sun, moon, star or body of water. No matter what. If done inconsiderately, you’ll damage your eyes.

What is trataka (candle gazing)?

It is most commonly referred to as ‘candle gazing’. Trataka is originally one of the shatkarmas, or ‘six actions’ used to cleanse the internal organs. This meditation technique was first used to cleanse the mind of distractions and promote focussed concentration, as well as strengthening the muscles of the eyes.

What is trataka meditation?

The Benefits of Candle Gazing Trataka meditation, also known as a tratak sadhana or candle-gazing meditation, is a meditation technique in which the practitioner center his focus on a single visual point. The point may be an image, a word, a symbol, or even just a dot on the wall.

What are the steps of doing candle flame trataka?

Steps of doing candle flame trataka are the following. Sit in a dark room with minimal or no disturbance, e.g., free from insects, drafts, etc. Place a candle at one arm distance in the front, and the flame should be at the level of the eyes.

What is Tratak?

Trataka practice dates back to at least the 15th century, and can be found in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which introduces two different types of tratak; Bahiranga Trataka or ‘external concentrated gazing’ and Antaranga Trataka or ‘internal concentrated gazing’.