What is catalyst in StoreOnce?

What is catalyst in StoreOnce?

What is StoreOnce Catalyst? Simply put, Catalyst is a backup protocol developed by HPE that is optimized for disk-based data protection. Data protection applications can use Catalyst to store, replicate, and archive customer data. Users create Catalyst “stores” that reside on StoreOnce appliances or in the cloud.

How does StoreOnce work?

HP StoreOnce software works by using hash-based chunking techniques for data reduction. Hashing works by applying an algorithm to a specific chunk of data and yielding a unique fingerprint of that data. The backup stream is broken down into a series of chunks.

What is StoreOnce?

The StoreOnce VSA is a virtual backup solution that can be configured in 1TB increments up to its maximum capacity of 10TB. For multi-tenant environments, one StoreOnce VSA can be deployed per user (tenant) for greater backup data security between tenants.

What is HP Catalyst?

Catalyst@HP is a sponsorship program for women and underrepresented populations aimed to increase their representation in technical and leadership roles at HP. Sponsors are committed to the career advancement of their Protégés.

What is HPE StoreOnce VSA?

The HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the StoreOnce portfolio with the agility and flexibility of StoreOnce delivered as a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated hardware. Its flexibility provides deduplicating, disk-based, cost effective backup storage to efficiently store your backup data.

What is HP SimpliVity?

Hewlett Packard Enterprises SimpliVity is an integrated, all-embracing system that has compute, storage, networking, and other data center services, all in a hyperconverged stack.

Does SimpliVity use vSAN?

SimpliVity and VSAN are competitive technologies – SimpliVIty does not use VSAN software at all, but does run on VMware (and Hyper-V, today). vCenter is used to manage all SimpliVity functionality, OneView is not required.

What is HP OneView?

HPE OneView, formerly known as HP OneView, is a converged infrastructure management platform that provides a unified interface for the administration of software-defined systems in a data center. OneView can manage physical systems in the data center such servers, storage arrays and networking connectivity.

What hypervisor does SimpliVity use?

SimpliVity supports VMWare(ESXi), Microsoft (Hyper-V) hypervisors and is compatible with the Citrix Rady HCI Workspace Appliance Program.

What is HP StoreOnce Catalyst?

HP StoreOnce Catalyst brings the HP StoreOnce vision of a single, integrated enterprise-wide deduplication algorithm a step closer. It allows the seamless movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise to other StoreOnce Catalyst systems without rehydration.

Does HP StoreOnce Catalyst work with Symantec NetBackup?

HP StoreOnce Catalyst is currently available on the HP B6200 Backup System and also as a software component of HP Data Protector 7. In addition to HP Data Protector 7, HP StoreOnce Catalyst is also supported by Symantec NetBackup 7.x and Backup Exec 12.

How does HP Data Protector duplicate data from the B6200?

Data duplication uses the HP Data Protector 窶椀bject copy窶・functionality and can replicate data to multiple HP StoreOnce Catalyst stores. Figure 1 shows the data paths between the B6200 and the backup server equipped with Data Protector Software (media agent). The B6200 is shown as a 2 node/single couplet system.

Does the HP B6200 support VTL and Nas on same system?

The HP B6200 can support Catalyst Stores, Virtual Tape and NAS (CIFS/NFS) on the same system and so is ideal for customers who have legacy requirements for VTL and NAS but wish to move to StoreOnce Catalyst. HP StoreOnce Catalyst does require a separate license.