What is ChartSwap used for?

What is ChartSwap used for?

The ChartSwap platform simply and securely facilitates the exchange or transmission of healthcare and billing records by making the process fast and easy. A requestor (law firm, record retrieval vendor, insurer, etc.) uses ChartSwap to request records.

Is ChartSwap safe?

Yes, ChartSwap meets HIPAA guidelines for compliance in our policies and technical safeguards. ChartSwap is built on the SalesForce.com platform, recognized as having a leading security infrastructure with world-class physical, administrative and technical security safeguards.

How much does ChartSwap cost?

Best case, the process takes about 35 minutes per request plus postage of Page 6 | FOR RECORDS REQUESTORS www.ChartSwap.com 6 $1.47 and at least 2-4 weeks. Assume a fully burdened direct labor cost of $20/hr, the labor (overhead) per request is $11.67 per request plus $1.47 in postage or $13.14/request.

How do I request records from ChartSwap?

To submit requests via ChartSwap.com use the following steps.

  1. Register at http://www.chartswap.com/register as a Record Requestor;
  2. Sign in and Search for a Provider, Enter Request Details, then Upload Supporting Documents;

Is ChartSwap a corporation?

Business Profile for ChartSwap, LLC This company offers a secure way to exchange medical records electronically with third-party requestors and health care providers.

How do I contact ChartSwap?

Contact ChartSwap

  1. (855) 879-7927.
  2. [email protected]
  3. ChartSwap.com.

Is it OK to email medical records?

Yes. The Privacy Rule allows covered health care providers to communicate electronically, such as through e-mail, with their patients, provided they apply reasonable safeguards when doing so.

Should you email medical records?

In general, medical records are unencrypted when transmitted via email. In the eyes of many, it is a no-no to exchange medical records by email. Doing so risks exposing the personal information and medical histories of patients to hackers seeking to take advantage of their personal health information (PHI).

How do I request AMR records?

In order to request medical records please email a PDF version of the request for records named after the patient (FIRST LAST) and a signed HIPAA compliant patient authorization to [email protected]

What is the most secure way to send medical records?

If a fax is sent to the wrong person, the medical records will be exposed to unauthorized individuals. So, email is not only a much more modern way to send records, but also a more secure way if used properly.

Can medical records be emailed HIPAA?

Can I email my own medical records?

What is chartswap?

ChartSwap is a fast, simple and secure business-to-business (B2B) Health Information Exchange software – connecting a rapidly expanding network of requestors and providers.

How does a requestor use chartswap?

A requestor (law firm, record retrieval vendor, insurer, etc.) uses ChartSwap to request records. The receiving provider reviews the request and determines whether it can provide the records. If the provider chooses to provide the records, it uploads them into the ChartSwap platform.

What happens after the records are uploaded to chartswap?

After the records are uploaded to ChartSwap, the requestor is notified of records being available to purchase. The requestor uses ChartSwap to pay the custodian fee and download the records. ChartSwap then transfers the custodian fee to the provider of the records.

Who is behind chartswap’s development team?

ChartSwap has three dedicated software developers and engineers who drive innovation and technology enhancements across the platform. The team is led by our COO, who has a deep background in managing development teams working on the Salesforce platform.