What is Emmedue building system?

What is Emmedue building system?

Brief Description – The EMMEDUE Advanced Building System. consists of panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and steel reinforcement which are site applied with concrete. The system is suitable for the walls and floors of housing and commercial buildings.

What are M2 panels?

M2 floor panel is specially designed for floors and roofing of buildings, with additional steel reinforcement and special joists designed where the cement mix will be poured. Ideal for landings, floors and bidirectional armed plates. Ideal for fast construction due to the lightweight and sturdy material of the stairs.

What is Covintec?

Covintec panels are made in Mexico and provide insulation to the home, preventing the walls and roof heating up too much in comparison with a concrete home. The walls on the outside remain hot but inside are considerably cooler. It was used throughout the home apart from one wall in the garage.

What is M2 in building?

To calculate building costs per square metre (m2) simply measure the length of an area followed by the width, and then multiplying these two figures to give a square metre (m2) total. For example a room 2.55m long x 1.45m wide = 3.69 square metres.

What is SRC panel?

The SRC Panel System is a composite sandwich type structural panel composedof high tensile wires densely welded together, an expanded polystyrene (EPS)core, and concrete panels for exterior faces. The steel reinforced concrete panelsprovide tensile and compressive strength.

How many M2 is my house?

Measure the length of the house multiply by the width this will give you the square metridge of the area then multiply by 2. Example 7metres x 5metres = Total 35m2 (sq metres) x 2 = 70m2 Then do the same for loft if needed.

What is emmedue building system?

The Emmedue Building System. It is an innovative Building System and alternative to traditionals, but with a history of remarkable success of over 35 years worldwide. The core of the Emmedue Building System is the Emmedue panel made of expanded polystyrene: modular, not prefabricated, enclosed by a double-galvanized steel mesh

What is the emmedue panel?

β€œThe Emmedue panel, which is lightweight and resistant, allows us to design efficient structures, conceptually similar to those made from composite materials and, just like these, efficient when it comes to earthquake resistance.” “The Rial Group wanted to start a new innovative business in the construction industry.

Why choose emmedue?

From the simplest project to the most structured and luxurious project, today with Emmedue you can vividly imagine your home. It is an innovative Building System and alternative to traditionals, but with a history of remarkable success of over 35 years worldwide.

Who is the distributor of the m2 panel?

We are an authorized distributor and dealer of the M2 Panel system through manufacturer Next Century Building Systems Inc., which in partnership with Emmedue Italy, (the proponent of the technology) manufactures the panels using state-of-the-art Italian technology, leveraging over 35 years of proven success.