What is front of house in restaurant?

What is front of house in restaurant?

Front of house includes all of the customer touch points in a restauant. It’s where your customers order and dine. Your front-of-house staff might include a host or hostess, servers, bartenders, and the general manager — basically anyone who might interact with customers.

What is front of the house operation?

Simply put, the front of house departments are guest-facing. They work directly with guests and handle operational tasks, like check-ins and check-outs. Front of house employees often work in shifts, with some covering overnight shifts so that an employee is always available whenever a guest needs assistance.

What is front of house?

front of house | Business English the part of a business such as a restaurant or hotel where the employees deal directly with customers: The front of house service is ultra-efficient and observant, yet human and personable. the employees of a restaurant, hotel, etc.

What is the person at the front of a restaurant called?

Front-of-the-house positions are those that deal directly with the public. These titles may include host or hostess (or maître d’, in more upscale restaurants), server (or waiter/waitress), busser (or busboy/busgirl, or back waiter), runner, and bartender.

What is front of house back of house?

The back of house is the staff area, where cooks and other support staff work. The front of house is the area where diners sit. Different types of staff work in each area, and rivalries sometimes crop up between back of house and front of house staffers, especially in large restaurants which can get extremely busy.

What is front of house in a hotel?

What does front of house mean? A front of house role in hospitality is any job that handles guests in some capacity. For instance, a front of house role at a hotel would be a receptionist that manages check-ins, check-outs and complaints.

What does front of house mean at Chick Fil A?

Front of House Team Member As a FOH Team Member, you will welcome & greet guests, take and prepare customer orders in either the front counter or drive-thru, maintain cleanliness in the counter and dining room, observe health and sanitation guidelines, and ensure each guest leaves with a smile!

What is the main part of the front of the house?

The front of the house (FOH) are areas of a restaurant open to guests during dining. It includes the dining area, bar, cashier stand and waiting area.

Are food Runners front of house?

In addition to helping the front of house staff, they serve their own tables and report to managers. Food runner: Food runners run hot food from the kitchen to the dining room, and sometimes help servers by running silverware or place settings out to tables.

What is in front of the house?

Why is it called front of house?

Front of House Definition. FOH means Front of House, which refers to the public parts of bars and restaurants that guests interact with. Think the dining room, bar, cocktail area, patio, private dining rooms, waiting area, and coat check. This is opposed to the meaning of BOH, which is Back of House.