What is German stamp?

What is German stamp?

[stæmp] 1. (= postage stamp) (Brief)marke f , (Post)wertzeichen nt (form); (= insurance stamp, revenue stamp etc) Marke f ; (= trading stamp) (Rabatt)marke f ; (= charity stamp, airmail stamp, sticker) Aufkleber m.

What is the most valuable British stamp?

Most valuable Great Britain stamps

  • $9,480,000. British Guiana 1-cent Magenta, 1856.
  • £550,000. Penny Red stamp, 1841.
  • £400,000. 6d pale dull purple Edward VII stamp, 1904.
  • $345,100. Penny Black stamp, 1840.
  • $159,500. 2d Tyrian Plum stamp, 1910.
  • $130,000. £1 brown-lilac stamp, 1884.
  • £85,000. The Roses Error stamp, 1978.
  • $75,000.

What were the first 3 Reichs?

The history of the nation-state known as the German Reich is commonly divided into three periods: German Empire (1871–1918) Weimar Republic (1918–1933) Nazi Germany (1933–1945)

How can I buy German stamps?

Sending a letter inside Germany If you want to send a letter you can either head to the post office or buy stamps from kiosks (which often have a Deutsche Post or DHL sticker or flag in the window). You can also buy stamps online, print them off and then pop your letter in the postbox.

When did the Reichspost stamp change to Deutsches Reich?

In the orginial design of 1900, stamps were inscribed Reichspost. Beginning with the series of 1902, the inscription was changed to Deutsches Reich. The last major change was seen in the issue of 1916-1919, when the shading lines in the stamp background were removed.

What are some of the rarest German stamps?

Rare German Stamp Deutsches Reich Blue 30 Tausend Overprint 200 Mark XF! Deutsches Reich German Empire 1923 Overprinted 800 on 1000 Mark Stamp w/Glue! german deutsches reich mark stamps weimar republic set of 15 WW2?

How to find the desirable stamp for your stamp collection?

For instance, instead of flag 34c searching for flag 34c USA united we stand 2001 will help you to find the desirable stamp quicker. Step 1. Make a right photo of your stamp Step 2. Upload the stamp photo Step 2. Crop your image Step 3. Crop your image as smooth as possible

What is the Germania stamp series?

The Germania issues of 1900 to 1922 are Germany’s longest running definitive stamp series. The issues span two major German political periods, the German Empire and the Weimar Republic, a time span which includes World War I and its aftermath.