What is GRS equipment?

What is GRS equipment?

GRS offers microscopes and stands, Optivisors, and loupes made for hand engraving and stone setting. The Acrobat® stand was designed specifically for engravers and stone setters.

How does a pneumatic graver work?

The pneumatic graver uses air to drive a small self-contained piston within a graver hand piece. This piston impacts against the engraving tool in the same fashion as in the previously described hammer and chisel method. As with the Push Graver method, one hand is free to hold and rotate the item being engraved.

What is a pulse graver?

This new all-electric engraving system does not need an air compressor and will be sold on Engraver.com. The PulseGraver® is an electric hand engraving and stone setting system that frees people from the burden of compressed air. Basic components of the system include a hand piece, base unit and a foot pedal.

What is a Graver max?

GraverMax® G8. This engraving system gives each handpiece an excellent range of power with perfect control throughout an expanded range of impact speeds. The GraverMax G8 has connections for two impact handpieces and an auxiliary air connection for other air tools, including the GRS Ultra 850 Rotary handpiece.

What GRS mean?

global registered share
A global registered share (GRS), or a global share, is a security that is issued in the United States, but it is registered in multiple markets around the world and trades in multiple currencies.

What is a graver tool?

Engraving tools, called gravers, are precise instruments. They must be made from top quality steel, shaped and sharpened to specific angles, and fitted into handles that provide comfort and control. Commercially available gravers are made from a highly refined fine grained tool steel.

What is GRS Mexico?

The headquarters of the subsidiary of Gransolar (GRS) in Mexico opens an office in a city around “Torre Reforma”, located in the most important corporate corridor in Latin America.