What is Hwic in networking?

What is Hwic in networking?

Acronym. Definition. HWIC. High Speed Wan Interface Card.

What is WAN in laptop?

WWAN or wireless wide area network (or wireless WAN) allows you to get connected instantly, with a secure, fast connection. A laptop with a WWAN card installed is the simplest way to get online and get to work from anywhere.

Is WAN the same as DSL?

The DSL port is smaller than the WAN port, and you can only fit a phone line in it (with an RJ11 connector). If you use the DSL port, then you won’t need to use the WAN port. You can just connect your router to the DSL cable (phone line), and connect your home network devices to the LAN ports.

Does the Cisco 1841 router support HWIC?

• The modular architecture on the Cisco 1841 router supports HWIC slots. The newly designed high-speed WAN interface slots significantly increase the data-throughput capability (up to 800-Mbps aggregate). Table 6 lists the High Speed WAN Interface cards supported on the Cisco 1841.

What is the difference between the Cisco 1700 and the 1841?

The Cisco 1841 dramatically increase interface card slot performance and density over the Cisco 1700 Series while maintaining support for more than 30 existing WAN interface cards (WICs) and multiflex trunk cards (voice/WICs [VWICs]-for data only on the Cisco 1841 router).

How many internal AIM slots does the Cisco 1841 router have?

(for data only). • The Cisco 1841 router has one internal AIM slot. The Cisco 1800 Series features a built-in hardware-accelerated encryption on the motherboard that can be enabled with an optional Cisco IOS Software security image.

What is the Cisco 1841 modular architecture?

The Cisco 1841 modular architecture has been specifically designed to meet requirements of small to medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices as well as service provider-managed applications for concurrent services at wire-speed performance.