What is journal of electrical engineering?

What is journal of electrical engineering?

The Journal of Electrical Engineering, published bimonthly, is devoted to: Computer Engineering. Electronics, Microelectronics and Photonics. Electro-physics and Electromagnetism. Material Science.

What is a good impact factor electrical engineering journals?

Top Electrical & Computer Engineering Journals

  • Nature Electronics.
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.
  • npj Flexible Electronics.
  • IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.
  • Progress in quantum electronics.
  • IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems.
  • IEEE Wireless Communications.
  • Proceedings of the IEEE.

How do you publish a research paper in electrical engineering?

How to Publish a research paper

  1. Preliminary. The first activity for publishing a technical paper is to figure out your technical area of interest.
  2. Read existing Papers.
  3. A jump start.
  4. Crack the jargons and terms.
  5. Write down your studies.

Is electronics a good journal?

Electronics is covered in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) in Web of Science and received a first Impact Factor of 2.110. The journal ranks 113/260 (Q2) in the category ‘Engineering, Electrical & Electronic. ‘ The Journal Citation Reports®, 2018 release, is a Clarivate Analytics product.

Is Ijeet Scopus indexed?

Our Journals are accepted in SCOPUS and indexed in leading abstract & citation databases like Scopedatabase, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, WOS Publons, Academia, CNKI, Microsoft Academic, Scilit, Scinapse, and Scimagojr etc.

What is considered a good journal?

In most fields of study a JIF of 10 or greater is excellent and in many anything over a JIF of 3 is considered good, but it is essential to remember that JCR impact factors for journals vary markedly across disciplines.

How do you write an engineering journal?

Here are four crucial pointers researchers should bear in mind while writing engineering papers:

  1. Sort your research results as early as possible.
  2. Focus on the quality of data presented, not the quantity.
  3. Explain the theory behind the data.
  4. Cite the most current literature available.

What do you mean by e journal?

An electronic journal is a periodical publication which is published in electronic format, usually on the Internet. Electronic journals have several advantages over traditional printed journals: Journals can be interactive – you can e-mail the author or editor with your comments.

Is Ijett Scopus indexed?

Features of IJETT: Scopus and worldwide indexing. Individual Digital Object Identifier ( DOI ) Number to every article. Hard Copy of journal ( On Demand ) will be provided to all authors of the paper.