What is MATA number?

What is MATA number?

Customer Service

MATA Administrative Offices 1370 Levee Road Memphis, TN 38108 (901) 722-7100
Lost and Found (901) 523-8134
Customer Feedback (901) 522-9175
Technical Support (Go901 Mobile App, Customer Portal) (847) 699-0300
Hearing and Speech Impaired (901) 523-2817

How many employees does MATA have?

The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) is not immune to the national labor shortage. Mia Harvey, communications specialist for MATA, told MBJ that the transit provider has a current workforce of about 525 employees, which includes bus operators, mechanics, and administration staffers.

Does MATA run on Sunday?

MATA is operating weekday services on a Saturday schedule. Saturday Plus services are available for routes 7, 8, 36, 42, 50, and 52.

Where is Memphis transit?

Transit hubs

Name Parking Location
William Hudson Transit Center 0 444 North Main Street
Central Station 0 545 South Main Street
American Way Transit Center ~35 3921 American Way
Airways Transit Center ~92 3033 Airways Boulevard

Where is Mata located?

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How do I contact Mata?

Give us a call on 020 3126 4870 or email [email protected] and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Does Memphis have public transportation?

The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) is the public transportation provider for the Memphis area. As one of the largest transit operators in the state of Tennessee, MATA transports customers in the City of Memphis and parts of Shelby County on fixed-route buses, paratransit vehicles and vintage rail trolleys.

Where is the West Mata located?

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How do I email Amma?

If you would like to request prayers, please email Erdi: [email protected].

What is Mata in Memphis?

MATA is the public transportation in Memphis with 47 bus routes and 3 trolley routes. Here’s how to use it to get around the city cheaply and easily. MATA is the public transportation in Memphis with 47 bus routes and 3 trolley routes.

Where is the MATA bus stop at Memphis Airport?

Memphis International Airporthas a public bus stop located in front of Terminal C at the baggage claim level. There is a MATA sign signaling where the buses drop off and pick up passengers. Bus #64 is the bus that goes to and from the airport.

How do I contact Mata customer service?

If you prefer to talk to a customer service provider call MATA at (901) 274-6282. Most Memphis buses run from sunrise to sunset (around 5 am to 7 pm.) Note: There is no public transportation in the evening.

How do I get around Memphis?

Most locals and tourists choose to drive their cars around the city or use car sharing services like Uber and Lyft. However, there is MATA, Memphis’ public transportation provider, that can get you around the city cheaply if you have patience. MATA consists of 47 bus routesand three trolley lines.