What is midbody pattern ANA?

What is midbody pattern ANA?

Midbody pattern: The midbody pattern is a densely staining region near the cleavage furrow of telophase cells, that is, in the area where the two daughter cells separate. The clinical significance of the pattern is unknown; however, the pattern has been recognized in selected patients with systemic sclerosis.

What is the rarest ANA pattern?

In Vermeersch P et al.’s article (1), the anti-centriole pattern was the rarest autoantibody pattern. Our results were different from the investigation in terms of case count. They reported anti-centriole antibody for six patients in 12-year period whereas we report 29 patients in 6-year period.

What does it mean when your ANA pattern is homogeneous?

Homogenous: The entire nucleus is stained with ANA. This is the most common pattern and can be seen with any autoimmune disease. Homogenous staining can result from antibodies to DNA and histones.

How do you read ANA results?

Your test is positive if it finds antinuclear antibodies in your blood. A negative result means it found none. A positive test doesn’t mean that you have an autoimmune condition. Between 3% and 15% of people with no conditions have antinuclear antibodies.

What are the different ANA patterns?

The different ANA patterns are abbreviated as follows: Nucleolar (N-ANA), Speckled (S-ANA), Mitochondrial (M-ANA), Homogenous (H-ANA), Cytoplasmic (C-ANA), Speckled + Cytoplasmic (SC-ANA), Centromere (Cen-ANA), Homogenous + Nucleolar (HN-ANA), and Homogenous + Mitochondrial (HM-ANA).

Can you have multiple ANA patterns?

The presence of more than one ANA pattern in a sample is referred to as a mixed ANA pattern. The most common of these is a mixture of Homogeneous and Speckled, but any combination is possible.

What does a titer of 1 80 mean?

Maybe nothing: A titer of 1:80 is borderline and anas of that titer are often seen in normals and in numerous other diseases including viruses. The ANA must always be evaluated in the context of the clinical symptoms.

What does a low Ana titre of 40 mean?

If the ANA titre is low (e.g. 1:40, 1:80 or even 1:160), there is often no autoimmune disease. If the ANA titre is in the middle (e.g. 1:320), the result is less clear and should be interpreted in the clinical context.

What is the midbody of a cell?

The midbody is a transient “organelle-like” remnant of cell division just before cellular cleavage. It is formed in the final stages of cell division and is critically involved in cytokinesis. The midbody contains microtubules derived from the spindle midzone and some associated proteins.