What is overdraft privilege?

What is overdraft privilege?

Overdraft Privilege is a service provided to help you, should an overdraft occur. Your account will still be charged the standard overdraft fee of $25 for handling each item, which is the same fee that Alternatives Federal Credit Union charges for items drawn against insufficient funds and returned to the payee.

How soon can I use my overdraft privilege?

How soon can I use my Overdraft Privilege? Overdraft Privilege is added to all qualifying accounts as soon as possible after opening. This generally occurs on the second business day after an account is opened.

What is the difference between overdraft protection and overdraft privilege?

Overdraft Protection is a contractual agreement, offered by Pelican State Credit Union, which transfers funds from another source in order to pay an item to prevent or protect an account from becoming overdrawn. Overdraft Privilege will be used only after any Overdraft Protection has been exhausted.

What is overdraft privilege extended coverage?

With Overdraft Privilege Extended Coverage, you authorize us to also pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions. If you have not already enrolled, you can do so or you can revoke your authorization for the bank to pay these overdrafts at any time by any of the below methods.

Should I authorize my bank to pay overdrafts?

Most consumer advocates recommend against getting overdraft protection for ATM and debit card transactions. With overdraft protection, your bank will allow debit and ATM transactions to go through even if you don’t have enough funds in your account.

How does Privilege pay work?

Privilege Pay allows you to overdraw your account for a Paid NSF Fee of $35 per transaction in order to pay a transaction. Privilege Pay limits of up to $800 are available for eligible personal checking accounts opened at least 30 days in good standing.

What is a privilege pay?

Privilege Pay acts as a backup service for overdraft—a last chance for your transactions, if you will. When you unintentionally overdraft and have insufficient funds in your checking or other overdraft sources, having Privilege Pay prevents your checks, ACH debits, and card transactions from being declined.

How do I get overdraft privilege?

Please note that overdraft lines of credit are subject to credit approval. Overdraft Privilege allows you to overdraw your account up to the disclosed limit, for a fee, in order to pay a transaction….Overdraft Coverage Options.

Service Cost
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1, 2 Subject to fees + interest

Can you overdraft if you have no money?

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, and the bank or credit union pays for it anyway. Your bank or credit union cannot charge you fees for overdrafts on ATM and most debit card transactions unless you have agreed (“opted in”) to these fees.