What is PeopleSoft billing?

What is PeopleSoft billing?

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Billing is a complete billing system that reflects the way you do business. Streamline the billing process and create individualized billing to optimize collections. PeopleSoft Billing delivers the functionality and flexibility to manage billing activities that meet business needs.

What are the different types of billing process?

Types of Billing

  • Milestone Billing. As the name suggests, this type of billing method requires the completion of a milestone (which could be a particular event or a sub-contract).
  • Progress Billing.
  • Sub-line-item Billing.
  • Billing on Completion.
  • Billing for On-going Services.
  • Prorated Billing.

How do you process billing?

The billing process

  1. Step 1: Review Billing Information (Billing Clerk) Access the daily shipping log in the computer system.
  2. Step 2: Print Invoice Batch (Billing Clerk)
  3. Step 3: Prepare and Send Invoices (Billing Clerk)
  4. Step 4: File Invoice Copies (Billing Clerk)

Where do I find PeopleSoft invoices?

Navigate in PeopleSoft to Main Menu>Accounts Payable>Vouchers>Add/Update>Regular Entry. Click on the Find an Existing Value tab. Enter either the voucher number (if you have it) or the invoice number and then click search. When the voucher comes up, click on the Invoice Information tab.

What is single action invoice in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft provides number of batch processes that can be used to automate the entire invoicing process. One of the most important batch processes is ‘Single Action Invoice’. Some of the common steps in PeopleSoft Billing module are: Receive Bill data from external source or manual bills. Validate and review bills.

What is account receivable in PeopleSoft?

Accounts Receivable is an important module in the ‘Order to Cash’ business process. In a nutshell, the AR module is responsible for the entry of items (outstanding invoices), handling customer payments, managing customer invoices, and creating customer correspondence such customer statements…

What is billing process in OTC?

The order-to-cash process encompasses all steps from when a customer order is placed up until the business is paid (the cash). Those steps include order management and order fulfillment, through to credit management, then invoicing and ultimately payment collection.

How do I process an invoice in PeopleSoft?

Enter a business unit. Select Bill Source in the Range Selection group box. Enter PS-OM (for PeopleSoft Order Management) in the Source field. If an invoice falls within more than one range selection, then the system processes it with the defaults from the first range selection that contains the invoice.

How do I reprint an invoice in PeopleSoft?

The Reprint Invoices run control ID search page displays. In this example, we’ll create a new run control ID. Select Add a New Value. Enter a meaningful Run Control ID….Select Print Options.

  1. The Print Options page displays.
  2. Select Print Both Summarized & Detail.
  3. Select Reprint Invoices.

How do you enter an invoice on PeopleSoft?

Entering a Quick Invoice

  1. Click the Main Menu button.
  2. Click the Accounts Payable menu.
  3. Click the Vouchers menu.
  4. Click the Add/Update menu.
  5. Click the Quick Invoice Entry menu.
  6. Use the Quick Invoice Entry page to enter the details from the invoice into PeopleSoft.
  7. Click in the Supplier Name field.

How do I review and adjust Bill lines from PeopleSoft pay/bill management?

You can review and adjust bill lines from PeopleSoft Pay/Bill Management by using the billing worksheet and send information back to Pay/Bill Management using the Billing to Project Costing/Contracts Interface process. Integration with PeopleSoft Asset Management

What are PeopleSoft billing financial default options?

PeopleSoft Billing financial default options that can be shared by multiple business units, such as remit to bank and account or accounts receivable distribution code. Keyed by SetID. Used to identify billing options that appear by default at the business unit level. Billing origin ID is required, as is group type.

Where can I find the billing dashboard in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft delivers the following pagelets with the Billing Dashboard: Bills by Status and Incomplete Invoice Process. These are Billing portal pagelets that are configured to appear in your WorkCenter when you click the link within the Other Links section (Sample Data).

How to use workflow processes in PeopleSoft billing?

To utilize workflow processes in PeopleSoft Billing, use the Workflow/Batch Parameters (BI_WF_OPTIONS) component. Designing Workflow Maps In PeopleSoft applications, pages and components are organized according to their related functions.