What is Rakhi in Punjabi?

What is Rakhi in Punjabi?

Rakhi or Rakhri means protection.

What sweets are eaten during Diwali?

Here Are 9 Traditional Sweets With Recipes To Celebrate Diwali:

  • Kaju Katli. Always a winner, Diwali without a few pieces of kaju katli here and there, doesn’t quite sound like Diwali, isn’t it?
  • Rasmalai.
  • Mohanthal.
  • Mysore Pak.
  • Chawal Ki Kheer.
  • Gulab Jamun.
  • Gajar Ka Halwa.
  • Shahi Tukda.

What clothes are worn on Diwali?

Special Clothes Worn on Diwali Men might put on contemporary styled kurtas and dhotis, while women often wear silk, chiffon or velvet saris along with cigarette pants or ankle-length skirts called lehngas with matching cholis or bodices, gowns or other traditional attire depending on the culture and faith.

When should I remove Rakhi?

Even though rakhi is a widely celebrated festival in the Hindu culture, many people are unaware of the time at which it should be taken off. As per the Hindu scriptures, there is no specified time till which one has to wear a rakhi.

What special clothes are worn on Diwali?

Why is curd so popular in India?

Curd has a special place on the plate and palate of India. No Indian meal is complete without some form of dahi showing up on the table. The product of the lactic fermentation of milk, curd is esteemed for both its smoothness and refreshing taste.

Why do we light lamps on Diwali in Punjab?

A state, whose name is synonymous with exuberance, prosperity and an intense passion for life, Punjab or ‘Panj Aab’ literally meaning five rivers, is, as it were, the very heart of the country. The lightening of lamps on festival of Diwali is a way of paying obeisance to god for attainment of peace, love, wealth,…

What are the different types of curd preparation in India?

Raitas, pachadis, kadhi, dahiwada… etc., Be it east or west, north or south, every region in India has its own special curd preparation.Here is the wide range of Popular kadhis • Because of the acid content of yogurt, it makes a fabulous marinade.

How to make curd from cow’s milk?

To attain thick curds, whole fat milk (buffalo’s milk) should be used. Cow’s milk on the other hand gives a jelly like curd. Thick curds when set and chilled can be relished on its own or can be used for making raitas or lassi. Beating or whisking adds volume to the curd by adding air to it. Spoon out the required amount of curd in a vessel.