What is rule of Macp?

What is rule of Macp?

1. There shall be three financial upgradations under the MACPS, counted from the direct entry grade on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years services, respectively, or 10 years of continuous service in the same Level in Pay Matrix, whichever is earlier.

How pay is fixed on Macp?

Firstly, on the date of grant of MACP, the Basic Pay will be fixed in next level on the same figure (if exist) or next higher figure. Increase in TA (if applicable) is also applicable from the date of grant of MACP. Then, on 1st July (date of annual increment), One Annual Increment will be given in previous level.

How many APARs are needed for Macp?

For grant of MACP, 3 years APARs are taken in to consideration. This step has debarred so many officials from the financial upgradation. Since the earlier “Good” benchmark was applicable up to 25.07. 2016, the employees having “Good” grading in their APARs for the previous three years have no reason to be debarred.

How is Macp calculated?

Step 1: Grant of Annual increment of employee from 1st July 2016 will precede MACP fixation. Therefore, after annual increment pay will be fixed at Rs. 56,900/- in the Index 7 Level 8. Step 2: Then the employee will be provided with MACP Increment and therefore pay will be placed at Rs.

What is the benefit of Macp?

MACP provides for three financial upgradation in the place of two provided by ACP. 4. MACP envisages pay fixation to next Grade Pay in the Grade Pay hierarchy along with 3% increment in pay in pay band and grade pay received prior to upgradation.

Is EOL counted for Macp?

A point was raised in the JCM-III Level Council meeting held on 14/06/2016 that owing to the above clarification, the period of EOL granted to the employees on other than medical ground is not being counted for the purpose of granting financial up-gradation under MACPS, which is contrary to the provisions contained in …

Is Macp a promotion?

MACP is also a promotional scheme for Central Government employees. It is just a modified and upgraded scheme of ACP.

What are the benefits of Macp?

What is the benchmark Apar grading required for promotion?

APAR graded between 8 and 10 will be rated as “Outstanding” and will be given a score of 9 for the purpose of calculating average scores for the empanelment/promotion. APAR graded between 6 and short of 8 will be rated as “Very Good” and will be given a score of 7.

Can Macp be refused?

“ACP/MACP Schemes are being operated as safety net to deal with the problem of genuine stagnation and hardship faced by the employees due to lack of adequate promotional avenues. In case an employee has refused promotion, no financial upgradation is allowed under ACP/MACP Schemes.

What is the revised benchmark for grant of Macp?

Thereafter for upgradation under the MACPS the benchmark of ‘good’ would be applicable till the grade pay of Rs. 6600/- in PB-3. The benchmark will be ‘Very Good’ for financial upgradation to the grade pay of Rs. 7600 and above.”

Who is entitled for Macp?

Who are eligible for MACP? The Central Government employees, who are all in continuous service of ten years and above without promotion they are eligible under the MACP Scheme.