What is special about Bengal cats?

What is special about Bengal cats?

Bengal cats have smallish, round heads, large eyes, and striking facial marking. They have strong muscular bodies and a streamlined appearance much like their Asian Leopard ancestors. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs, which helps give them a powerful but graceful stride.

Why you should not get a Bengal cat?

Don’t get a Bengal cat because Bengals are very territorial, they have a high prey drive, Bengals require lots of attention and can become destructive or aggressive when left alone with too much energy. They are big escape artists; Bengals are not good with children that are under six years old and they are expensive.

Are Bengal cats smart?

Bengal cats are affectionate, energetic, and playful. Because they’re intelligent, they are observant and are constantly taking in everything around them. They’re curious and natural climbers, as you might expect. Overall Bengals are described as sweet and loyal, but they also do require a lot of attention.

What do Bengal cats eat?

Bengal cat diet Just like any other obligate carnivores, though, their diet must include food high in protein, mainly from meat. What sets Bengals apart is their strong cravings for meat. Chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and turkey are excellent protein sources. Feeding your cat plant-based food is generally not recommended.

Are male or female Bengals better?

The gender of any non-feline pets does not impact what gender of cat you should get. Bengals of both genders can make excellent dog-companions. You want to match the personality and energy level. We have some cats that seek out interaction with our dogs; this is instinctive as we see the trait passed down.

What do Bengal meows mean?

* Meowing/talking in Bengals can be a sign of friendliness and comfort. Our Bengal meows in a very distinctive tone when she is happy to see you and relaxed. * Your Bengal may meow/talk when he or she wants attention. Bengals are known to be attention seeking cats.

Do Bengal cats meow?

The meow is the most common sound all cats make, not only Bengal ones. One of the first Bengal cat noises a kitten makes is a meow towards its mother. However, domesticated cats keep the same language as they get older too, while wild cats lose it. Some Bengal cats make this noise to greet their owners, too.

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