What is ss1 tack coat?

What is ss1 tack coat?

SS-1 is an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion primarily used as a tack coat – typically providing that “glue” to bond an existing base pavement layer to a newly applied layer. SS-1 can also be used appropriately where coating, bonding and waterproofing may be required.

What is the thickness of tack coat?

From Table 1, based on the 0.75 foot design for hot mix asphalt, the estimated number of layers for total thickness between 0.51 and 0.75 foot or less is three layers. Because the hot mix asphalt is placed on aggregate base the number of layers requiring tack coat is reduced from three to two.

What is the application rate for tack coat?

Tack coat application rates were most often reported as being 0.25 to 0.70 L/m2 (0.05 to 0.15 gal/yd2) for an emulsion diluted with one part water to one part emulsion. The USACE’s UFC recommends application rates 0.23 to 0.68 L/m2 (0.05 to 0.15 gal/yd2) of residual asphalt.

What is the purpose of tack coat?

Tack coat is a thin layer of asphalt that ensures the bonding between old and new asphalt layers. It is also used in construction or for renovation of roads to achieve better strength. Tack coat is sticky, which is very important for forming a secure bond between the two layers of asphalt.

How many square feet does a gallon of tack coat cover?

FILING SYSTEMS • For Use As A Tack Coat For Patching Or Paving: One gallon of SS-1H Asphalt Binder will cover approximately 180-260 square feet (20-29 square yards) when diluted properly (1 part SS-IH Asphalt Binder, 1 part water).

What is the difference between tack coat and prime coat?

A prime coat is an application of an asphalt cutback or emulsified asphalt to a prepared base. Tack is an adhesive for gluing two asphalt layers together.

What is the recommended spraying temperature of Rs 1 grade?

Safe storage temperatures range from 10°C (50°F) to 85°C (185°F). In bulk storage, mix the RS-1 every 1 to 2 weeks (more frequently in cold weather). Mixing may be done by paddle agitator (slow), loose gear pump, slow centrifugal pump, or another suitable low shear pump.

What is bituminous prime coat?

BITUMINOUS PRIME COAT. 2358.1 DESCRIPTION This work consists of treating a prepared base with bituminous material prior to placing a bituminous pavement. 2358.2 MATERIALS. A Medium Curing Liquid Asphalt. Provide Medium Curing Liquid Asphalt in accordance with 3151.2.B, “Medium Curing Liquid Asphalt,”

What is the recommended spraying temperature of Rs 1 grade bituminous emulsion?

Specification of Anioinc Bitumen Emulsion RS-1

Residue (%) 57
Solubility in trichloroethylene % 97.5
Penetration 77°F (25°C) 100g,5s mm 100 200
ductility, 77°F (25 °C), 5cm/min (cm) 40