What is the current year in Greyhawk?

What is the current year in Greyhawk?

The current timeline of the Greyhawk campaign has been fixed as 591 CY, six years after the end of the Greyhawk Wars.

Is Greyhawk in the Forgotten Realms?

However, Wizards have introduced two worlds that players can use, either for modules or for a background of their own campaign; Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms. These are two entirely different worlds, but each have some similarities, upsides, and downsides for running campaigns in them.

Is Greyhawk a good setting?

It was the flagship setting during 1st edition, but it was supplanted by Forgotten Realms in 2e, in part because Forgotten Realms had a really popular book series. But Greyhawk remains a great setting, superior in many ways to settings that have come after it.

When was Greyhawk created?

The original campaign setting of Greyhawk was a home campaign world invented by Gary Gygax in 1972 while playtesting the game that would become Dungeons & Dragons. In the beginning, the entire “world” consisted of a single dungeon underneath an abandoned castle.

Who is Nolzur?

Nolzur, a skilled illusionist and alchemist who applied his magic to his incredible artistic ability, creating pigments and paints that allowed him to perform wonders.

Who is Bigby D&D?

Bigby was a legendary otherworldly wizard and hands-on spell inventor. He was known by several inhabitants of the Realms, and a handful of his spells were used all over.

How old is Mordenkainen?

Age: 82 (as of 591 CY)
Born: 509 CY
Class(es): Wizard
Alignment: Neutral

Is Dragonlance part of Forgotten Realms?

They are both different worlds in the D&D universe. . Both classic sword and sorcery. But different sets of monsters and political backdrop. The world of Dragonlance was based on the book series of the same name, Forgotten Realms was created as a world, and books were written afterward.

Who made Greyhawk?

Gary Gygax

Designers Gary Gygax
Publishers TSR, Inc. Wizards of the Coast
Publication 1980
Genres Fantasy
Systems Dungeons & Dragons

Who created Greyhawk?


Designers Gary Gygax
Publication 1980
Genres Fantasy
Systems Dungeons & Dragons
Random chance Dice rolling

What race is Acererak?

Homeland Vast Swamp
Gender Male
Race Half-fiend human
Age 800+

Can you ride Bigbys hand?

In short, yes, it should be possible, but the Hand will move only half speed (starting the subsequent turn after the Grapple) unless you are grabbing a Small or smaller creature, and your DM might disallow the crushing damage.