What is the difference between Dabu and Bagru print?

What is the difference between Dabu and Bagru print?

Bagru printing is a traditional printing technique that is done using natural colours. It is a craft practiced by the ‘chippas’ community in a remote town of Rajasthan. Dabru prints, on the other hand, are created using a special resist technique (hiding the print from dye).

What is the difference between Bagru and Ajrakh print?

The blocks used for printing patterns are intricately hand-carved and have complex geometric designs and floral motifs. In several patterns, the painted Ajrakh cloth has various colours like red, blue, black and white. The block print in Bagru is done mainly in black, red and beige.

How Bagru printing is different from Sanganeri block printing?

The main distinguishing feature between Sanganer and Bagru printing is that Sanganer print is usually done on a white ground, whereas Bagru prints are printed on an Indigo or a dyed background. Local water also has its effects. Sanganeri motifs are based on nature, while the motifs of Bagru are more often geometric.

How is Bagru printing done?

The Prints of Bagru, unlike other prints, involve a different kind of printing. The unique method for printing employs wooden block in it. In this process, the desired design is engraved first on wooden block and then carved block is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on the fabric.

Why is Bagru famous?

Bagru is most famous for its typical wooden hand block prints. These prints of Bagru are widely acclaimed, and known as “Bagru prints”. The unique method for printing employs wooden block in it. Even today, artisans use traditional vegetable dyes for printing the cloth.

What is Bagru saree?

A unique craft in block printing, Bagru has its own distinct character and historically it was once produced exclusively for royalty and offerings in temples. Themes are generally floral prints, geometrical shapes etc. Bagru prints are done on off-white, ivory white or beige background sarees.

Why is sanganer famous?

Sanganer is a small township situated approximately 16 kilometers away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Known for its famous handmade paper industry and the textile printing industry, Sanganer is very famous for Jain pilgrimage services.

Where is Bagru print done?

Bagru print is a craft practiced by chippas community in a remote village named Bagru near Rajasthan. This traditional printing is done using natural colours without any chemicals. The print is basically done on blue or indigo fabrics.

What is Ajrakh print?

Ajrak or Ajrakh is a unique block printed textile. It displays special traditional designs and patterns. Generally, Ajrak is printed on both sides by resist printing method. The printing is done by hand using hand carved wooden blocks. Ajrak print is performed within a grid.

What is the direct style of bagru printing termed as?

Resist Printing Bagru is known for its mastery in the second type, a special printing technique of Resist style called ‘Dabu’ printing. Its essence lies in printing with specially prepared Dabu paste i.e. applying thick black mud paste onto the fabric and then dyeing the fabrics.

What is cotton bagru?

A unique craft in block printing, Bagru has its own distinct character and historically it was once produced exclusively for royalty and offerings in temples. Exotic Bagru prints are quite popular on south handloom cotton saris woven with zari borders.

Who established Sanganer?

20Km south of Jaipur, famous for sanganeri textile block print, village Sanganer was founded in 16th century by Amber maharaja’s brother Sangaji. Textile printing was introduced over here in 16th century by Amber Maharaja. The print pattern is of its kind where bright colors are used on white background.

What is the difference between Sanganer and Bagru prints?

This difference is associated with scarcity of water in Bagru and excess availability of water in Sanganer. Secondly, the key difference between the two is the Sanganer uses fine lines with sober colours and intricate detailing whereas Bagru print uses bold lines with bold motifs.

Why is Sanganeri block printing so popular?

Therefore, the Sanganeri pattern is closely related to the Gujarati work. A distinctive feature is the clear bold outline Block printing became popular because of the popular prints that can create beautiful prints and in pretty bold and vibrant colors.

What is the difference between seyali Bagru and Dabu print?

The region is basically famous for two kinds of prints i.e. Dabu prints or Seyali Bagru prints. The seyali print is known for its combination of black and yellow ochre/ cream colour. On the other hand, Dabu print is doe using a special resisting technique where the prints are hidden from dye.

What is the difference between knit and Sanganeri printing?

Knit printing was practiced almost everywhere. Sanganeri printing reached its peak in all European countries in the 1st and 1st centuries and became one of the major exports of East India Company. During the war of Aurangzeb, design and technical methods were closely exchanged between Gujarat and Rajasthan at Sanganer.