What is the difference between TLE and TLA?

What is the difference between TLE and TLA?

They are similar programs, the main difference is that TLE is used mainly used in CONUS while TLA is used OCONUS. Their purpose is to partially reimburse a member for the more than normal expenses incurred while occupying temporary lodgings.

Is per diem based on work location or hotel location?

Per diem rates are set based upon contractor-provided average daily rate (ADR) data of local lodging properties.

Does per diem include hotel?

Per diem only covers three types of expenses: Lodging (e.g., hotel) Meals. Incidental expenses (e.g., dry cleaning)

When can I use TLE?

When Is TLE Authorized? TLE is authorized in conjunction with a PCS move, and applies to temporary lodging that is occupied while in CONUS. This applies to moves that are from one CONUS location to a different CONUS location, or moves from CONUS to OCONUS, or from OCONUS to CONUS.

What is Conus and Oconus?

CONUS/OCONUS: The continental U.S., or CONUS, is the 48 connected states and District of Columbia. OCONUS is outside the continental U.S.

What language is per diem?

The adverb meaning of per diem is identical to its (only) Latin meaning: “by the day” or “for each day.” People who are employed per diem work only on the days they are called in to work; they are employed not full-time or part-time, but by the day. Substitute teachers, for example, typically work per diem.

What’s included in per diem?

In the business world, a per diem payment is a daily allowance for travel expenses. This daily rate covers lodging, meals, and incidental expenses (also known as M&IE). Your employees can also use their per diem allowance to cover laundry or dry cleaning services for those all-important business meetings.

What is the difference between OCONUS and Conus?

What Is the Difference Between OCONUS and CONUS? CONUS is a blend of words and an acronym that stands for “continental United States,” which includes the contiguous forty-eight states and the District of Columbia. OCONUS adds a word outside and means “outside contiguous United States.”

Is your OCONUS lodging tax a non-mileage expense?

A lot of people make the mistake of entering their foreign OCONUS lodging tax as a non-mileage expense (since that’s the process for CONUS trips). Don’t be among them. If you follow these easy steps, you’ll never raise the ire of a post-payment auditor.

What is the difference between OCONUS and overseas?

OCONUS = Outside Continental United States Overseas = Any country or place beyond the CONUS. Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. territories are considered overseas under the Space-A Regulation. Some folks use the terms OCONUS and Overseas interchangeably but the above are the official definitions.

How do I enter per diem rates for OCONUS lodging?

Select the Edit button next to each day you will be staying in foreign OCONUS lodging; under Per Diem Rates, enter the total lodging cost (room + taxes) in the Lodging field. Very helpful tip: Never never enter room costs, lodging tax, or the combined cost of room + taxes on the Expenses screen.