What is the meaning of WikiWikiWeb?

What is the meaning of WikiWikiWeb?

WikiWikiWeb is an “open-editing” system where the emphasis is on the authoring and collaboration of documents rather than the simple browsing or viewing of them. The name “wiki” is based on the Hawaiian term “wiki wiki”, meaning “quick” or “super-fast”.

What is the logo of WikiWikiWeb?

The name WikiWikiWeb originally also applied to the wiki software that operated the website, written in the Perl programming language and later renamed to “WikiBase”….WikiWikiWeb.

The WikiWikiWeb logo
The homepage of the WikiWikiWeb in 2003
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Owner Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
Created by Ward Cunningham

Who developed the first wiki in 1994 called WikiWikiWeb?

programmer Ward Cunningham
Wikis can be dated to 1995, when American computer programmer Ward Cunningham created a new collaborative technology for organizing information on Web sites. Using a Hawaiian term meaning “quick,” he called this new software WikiWikiWeb, attracted by its alliteration and also by its matching abbreviation (WWW).

Who was the first person on Wikipedia?


The logo of Wikipedia, a globe featuring glyphs from various writing systems
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Created by Jimmy Wales Larry Sanger
URL wikipedia.org
Commercial No

Who is the founder of wiki?

Jimmy Wales
Larry Sanger
Wikipedia/Created by

What is the oldest fandom wiki?

WikiWikiWeb was the first wiki. Ward Cunningham started developing WikiWikiWeb in Portland, Oregon, in 1994, and installed it on the Internet domain c2.com on March 25, 1995.

What are some examples of wiki websites?

• eXe Project[4] – an example of how a wiki can be used to run a web site. • Auckland.Wiki[5] – a city wiki for the people of Auckland, New Zealand. • AKOWiki[6] – an evolving site to provide a bit of help with technology, ideas and teaching to staff in an institution. Lots of single issue pages, not much hyper linking.

What are the best wiki websites?

– WebCrawler: One of the earlier search engines, WebCrawler was the first search engine to enable full-text search. – Lycos: This was another pivotal search engine, created in 1994 (a year before Yahoo). – Infoseek: As Netscape’s default search engine, Infoseek was popular during the web browser’s heyday.

What is wiki vs blog?

Now what happens if a document could apply to more than one department,and therefore fits into more than one folder?

  • Do you place a copy of that document in each folder?
  • What happens when someone edits one of those documents?
  • How do those changes make their way to the copies of that same document?
  • What to do in the wiki?

    You’re trying to build up a “big picture” based on multiple perspectives.

  • You want to capture information that’s evolving or still being agreed.
  • Everyone on the team needs to see all the knowledge gathered so far.
  • There’s value in creating links to other information,either internal or external.